Magento PWA Development

Magento PWA development for your ecommerce

If your store is ready to take it to the next level – Magento PWA development, you will not only increase the speed of your website on mobile devices but also give your customers a better experience in browsing your website. Both of these factors drive a higher conversion rate.

Improve your Magento shop by PWA

Key benefits of Magento PWA (progressive web application)

Check some important PWA benefits:

  • possibility to add a shop to the home screen of your phone,
  • mobile app experience,
  • you do not need to develop the online shop and mobile apps separately,
  • with PWA all can be managed in one place,
  • works when you are temporarily offline.
Known companies benefits

From PWA implementation

Aliexpress logo

AliExpress improved conversion fot new customers by


Starbucks logo

The Starbucks with PWA has increased active users by

2 time

Tinder logo

Tinder decreased loading time by


According to Google improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%.

According to Think with Google 77% of smartphone shoppers are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps allow them to make purchases quickly.

Magento PWA Development

About PWA (progressive web applications)

Explanation of Magento PWA

Magento PWA (Progressive Web App) is a breakthrough technology that allows you to take care of your ecommerce on mobile devices and is a bridge between RWD (Responsive Web Design) and a native application.


Standard RWD can and does its job, but it does not provide a mobile app user experience which is what customers expect from online stores.


The native application is a big plus, but also the need to maintain a separate instance for your online store. An additional disadvantage of this solution is the need to download the application from Google Play or Appstore, which discourages users from using this version of ecommerce.


Let’s see what Magento PWA development has interesting to offer.

PWA development for Magento 2 - benefits for the endpoint Customer

So if you are looking for an optimal solution, using progressive web applications and the ability to use the store as a web application come in handy. See, what does this mean for customers:

  • page loading time is reduced, which may translate into more time spent on the website, as well as a greater number of conversions and an increased average order value. PWA for Magento 2 improves the user experience when browsing a mobile website by optimizing the website code. The whole thing works extremely efficiently and makes the product page, category page, basket, or checkout load in the blink of an eye, making users more likely to buy more in your ecommerce. Research shows that each additional 0.1 second of page load affects the conversion rate of the online store.
  • the ability to add applications in shortcuts on the phone’s desktop – giving the user quick and constant access to the application. After giving consent, the user receives an icon on the desktop of his smartphone, which resembles a standard native application. From now on, he can enter your online store whenever he wants to. Having such an icon on the desktop, the user will be more likely to visit your store in the future and make a purchase
  • the ability to operate to a limited extent online – saving previous data. Magento Progressive Web using the Service Worker technology allows you to save the previous states of the store version and show them to the user in the event of limited or no online connectivity. For standard ecommerce, this is where a white page is shown, and for progressive web apps, it is the previously saved version of the site that the user can browse.
  • the ability to use the application in areas with limited connection speed, because Magento progressive web apps need much fewer resources to download from the server. This means that your PWA application (like Magento PWA studio) can run just as smoothly in the case of limited network bandwidth, which will allow users to browse your store normally and then purchase the product, which would take much longer with the standard version of the website. The fast performance of the mobile version of the website in the event of limited network bandwidth means increased conversions for your PWA ecommerce.

PWA development benefits for the owner of ecommerce

Magento Progressive Web updates itself, just like a regular website, which means that there is no need for the user to download constant system updates.


Magento PWA allows you to keep the mobile and desktop versions of the website in one place, without the need to use separate instances, in the case of a native mobile application. This reduces the overall cost of implementing and maintaining a web app online store system. In the case of publishing changes in the desktop version, the changes will also be added in Progressive Web for Magento 2, which will save time and allow you to significantly reduce the costs of servicing your ecommerce.


With Magento 2 PWA (progressive web apps) you will increase AOV (Average Order Value) by quickly showing products, browsing categories, displaying the basket, and checkout.

Creating a PWA for Magento 2

When creating a store on Magento PWA, we only use the backend layer of the standard Magento 2. The entire current or new frontend is changed and is not related to Magento 2 – the connection takes place via API. The entire frontend is re-coded, one of the JS frameworks such as React, Redux is used for this. To create the PWA frontend layer, we can use themes such as ScandiPWA or Magento PWA Studio as a base.

Needed financial resources for Magento 2 PWA development

Like any new functionality, the implementation of Magento PWA develop should have an appropriate budget basis prepared. In the case of this new technology, the development time may be slightly longer than putting the store on a standard front-end layer, but that PWA investment certainly pays off in the long term through an increase of average order value.

Check if it is worth implementing Magento PWA in your store

It all depends on the specifics of your store. If > 50% of your traffic is from a mobile or > 25% of all orders are placed via mobile, then an investment in PWA will be a good idea. It is also worth checking the current speed of the website before starting the work with PWA – in a tool such as Google PageSpeed ​​or GTMetrix, which will clearly allow us to determine whether your store needs acceleration in the mobile version.


The current migration period from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is, in our opinion, the best time to think about using PWA. In this way, you will reduce costs – creating a solution for years focused on efficient Magento PWA.

New stage for your online store

With Magento PWA you will enter a new stage for your online store. Currently, when it is required to change the platform from Magento 1 to Magento 2, it is worth considering the development Magento PWA for an online store from scratch. In this way, the progressive web applications cost will cover the required migration costs, and you can be sure that your store will be transparent, fast, and functional.
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