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You will get professional services in the field of Magento extension development: We are experts who will comprehensively take care of your store to increase your sales.

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Creating and adding extensions to your Magento 2 store is useful to increase sales and add new functionality to your store. Our development company has over 7 years of experience and 50 satisfied customers from all over the world for whom we implement modern solutions and integrations in the CMS Magento commerce system. So we have the knowledge and experience for Magento extension development.



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About Extension Development

Extension development in Magento 2

We have experience in installing ready-made extensions, modifying the existing code of the extension, and make our own Magento extension development – from scratch. We can make your checkout transparent and allow your customer to shop faster and more efficiently. We will add the most important payments and check them for security. We will implement a connection with an external warehouse, improve the product search engine, and the speed of displaying results.

We can help you with among others, Magento integrations with:

  • Billwerk – recurring payments,
  • ERP module,
  • Braintree payments extension,
  • Stripe payments extensions,
  • Warehouse,
  • PostNL,
  • Picqer,
  • Algolia Magento 2 extensions,
  • Google Recommendation AI,
  • custom Magento extensions like create modules tailored for specific functionality.

Generally speaking, we can code every functionality in your online store. We can use a ready-made Magento module along with their modification, but if you need a feature written from scratch for your store, we will be happy to take care of it.

Check how the Extension development process looks like

  • Step 1: Meet us at the videoconference and send us a document about the Magento extension development for you. The more precisely the requirements are described, the fewer questions we will have and we will be able to prepare a more accurate quote.
  • Step 2: We will read the document and ask additional questions so that the purpose of the cooperation is clear. We will also send you a time and money estimate for Magento extension development along with the contract to be signed.
  • Step 3: You confirm the contract and transfer us to the initial fee. Depending on the complexity of the project and the implementation time, we arrange a fixed final fee or recurring fees.
  • Step 4: Our Magento extension development team is ready to start working on extension development for your store. Each given Magento developer is a high-skilled person with broad knowledge about implementing and customizing Magento extensions.
  • Step 5: This is the time to thoroughly test the new extension on the test page with some developer fixes. We must be sure that the code we have created meets both your expectations and allows the customer to shop and is compatible with other (custom) Magento extensions.
  • Step 6: After testing on the development site, we set a date for adding a new extension on your production server. We will take care of every detail, deploy the extension on the live server, and test the implemented solution on a functioning online store.
  • Step 7: After making changes to the production server, our developer team is at your disposal in the process of maintaining the extension, adding new functionalities, and overall Magento extension development.

A team of Magento 2 specialists that can handle any task

Many years of experience and a team of experienced and qualified Magento 2 specialists allow us to comprehensively deal with the Magento extension development and maintenance of new integrations, create plugins, and modules in your online store. We have on board not only backend developers but also front-end developers; and testers who will check the code before publishing it in your store.

Full compatibility with the store and existing Magento extensions

Modules that we modify or implement from scratch have full compatibility with what is already in your store. It is important for us that everything works correctly, quickly, and is as easy to use as possible.

Benefits for you by cooperating with Panda Group in the field of adding integration to Magento 2

First of all, expert knowledge confirmed by Magento certificates and experience on the market. Then there is a team of available Magento developers that will take care of the new functionality from A-Z. The honest valuation of functionality and the possibility of its further Magento extension development over time also deserve attention – so that your store is up-to-date and safe. Your storefront will be optimal in terms of performance and scalability in the future.

You can trust us!

We are an agency with high skills in implementing new Magento extensions. Our satisfied clients will provide as well that we are a trustworthy company. For that, we have been awarded in 2019 as well as 2020 by the American portal as Top B2B company and Top Developers in Poland. You can trust us:
  • +7 years of experience in building stores on Magento and coding extensions,
  • qualified Magento developers team on board in creating Magento extension,
  • positive opinions on the portal in Magento field,
  • clean and transparent billing policy for Magento project and extensions development.
Contact us and write what functionality you need, and you will get a free quote!