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Magento agency ecommerce development – with us you will increase your income and scale your business on one of the best ecommerce platforms. We specialize in Magento ecommerce development services for over 7 years, with over 50+ projects under our belt.

You can check our latest projects here. Trust agency which have been conducting Magento projects for clients from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia and 15 more.

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We work in a Scrum methodology which allows us to deliver value to the client in a 1-2 week iterations.

Process Of Development

Product backlog - here are all new features/improvements/bugs which are waiting to be implemented in Magento store.

Sprint planning - client decide with the Magento developers what tasks are the most important for the next sprint and a result of that planning is a sprint backlog.

Sprint backlog - is a list of the tasks which are planned to be completed within the next sprint. Usually, sprint length is 1-2 weeks.

Daily scrum - every day during the sprint, the Magento developers gather for 10-15 minutes to discuss progress and any obstacles which they have. It helps to solve issues quicker and deliver sprint backlog on time.

Sprint review - at the end of the sprint, the Magento experts team gathers with the client (Product Owner) to present work done in the last sprint.

Increment - all work accepted by the client is deployed to the live site and functionalities which requires some changes are moved to the next sprint.

Sprint retrospective - is a meeting for the Magento development team to discuss what they like and dislike in the past sprint. They identify issues in the process like problems in communication, lack of test credentials, and other things that were blocking them from more efficient work.

The outcome of that meeting is at least one improvement which should be applied in the next sprint. That allows the web design and development services team to work more efficiently from sprint from sprint to sprint and deliver better ecommerce products.

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Help with market research and UX/UI design before ecommerce implementation

You will get help with that part as well. A picture is worth a 1000 words, that is why check our latest design in comparison to the original version.


Choose the best Magento development company

Get comprehensive service for your store, no matter if you need to set up an online store from scratch, transfer an online store from another platform to Magento or migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. In our team, we have qualified Magento experts who will take care of your Magento ecommerce website.

With us, you can focus on your ecommerce business and leave us the technical part of your online store. We know that it is not easy to find Magento developers, that is why provide frontend and backend developers. With our help, you can move Magento 2 to the next level with PWA implementation of your ecommerce website. Among our services, you will find manual and automatic testing which provides additional security for your ecommerce website.

Improve your Magento e-commerce performance and boost sales with the following actions

Magento 1 end of life - if you looking for an agency to transfer your online store - you've come to the right place!

At Panda Group, we will comprehensively deal with the transfer of your online store from Magento 1 to the Magento 2 platform. Our Magento agency will not only allow you to enjoy a perfectly optimized and stable version of the store but also implement Magento PWA, all to make your store leading eCommerce in your market.

Find more on our case study describing Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Migrating to Magento 2 from another system like Woo Commerce, Shopify or another custom solution.

If the store is growing and you need a more stable/advanced solution – our Magento agency is for you! We will select the most appropriate solution and guide you step by step with the migration from another platform to Magento so that you can maintain sales continuity in your eCommerce.


It doesn’t matter if you want to transfer small, medium, or even large e-commerce to Magento – our team of over 20 qualified Magento developers will take care of every detail of the migration.

Find more on the Magento Migration case study

Frontend improvement - Magento Hyvä Themes

Hyvä Themes is a revolutionary solution for Magento frontend which can simplify code, shorten developing time and lower resources which leads to decreasing costs while increasing user-friendly features to make your eCommerce store more attractive on Google searches!

With innovative front end templates from Hyvä Themes, you can easily create a website that is not only beautiful but also optimized for search engines. The themes come with SEO functionality and web vitality measurements so your site will rank higher on Google results pages and follow the Core Web Vitals requirements.

Read more about it on our blog about Hyvä Themes for Magento


Magento PIM integration

Magento Product Information Management across all the channels enabling to exchange information about the products between the mobile, catalogues and e-commerce system is a way to get a competitive edge over the competition.

The implementation of a Magento product information system can be an excellent way for businesses with numerous products to keep track and centralize data.

Magento user-friendly PIM software also enables users in different industries or channels, such as online retailers who want their information accurate yet accessible from anywhere at any time- which makes it easier than ever before!

  1. Magento PIM solution facilitates updating and editing product information,
  2. Magento PIM software implements data centralisation to make them relevant and consistent,
  3. Magento PIM system enables data import and export to different channels.

Whenever you conquer new markets and cross the borders with your e-commerce developing a Magento multistore you will need a warehouses integration.

Magento Multistore

Magento multistore is a great tool for managing different stores from one admin panel together with PIM software it enables running several stores and selling channels from one user-friendly instance.

Magento offers a single, easy-to-use administrative panel for managing your multiple stores. You can develop as many website domains with unique design themes and audiences that share data such as prices or customer lists to better serve customers across all of them without having to build an unnecessary secondary site instance just because there are some things you don’t want available only in one shop’s inventory but not another’s!


Magento Inventory Mangement

Magento warehouse integration is support in inventory management delivering significant data for the PIM solution. Merchants with a single store to multiple warehouses can use these features for orders, shipments and inventory management.

With inventory management for trade, you can update your product inventory and ship as per recommendations based on distance or priority. You will be able to track quantities across all sites in one place with accurate inventory information provided by sellers and set up your preferred configurations globally for both stores and products.

Magento Maintenance

With technical support from Panda Group experts you can be sure of:

  • top-notch security,
  • the highest possible performance,
  • outstanding customisation

We offer only smart development options when needed for your business growing scale.

Offshoring Magento support service is cost-effective and reasonable from the business point of view. It let you focus on business issues and technical stuff is in expert hands and minds.

We base on practical knowledge and experience since 2013.

We are proud of long-term relationships with our partners and clients. Why don’t you become one of them?

Take your business to the next level. Our ecommerce development agency is for you.

If you need a proven e-commerce platform for your constantly growing online store, Magento will be the optimal solution. Reasons, why you should choose Magento as a platform for your eCommerce:

  • a leader in the e-commerce market,
  • multi-store eCommerce platform,
  • technical support,
  • hundreds of ready to buy modules,
  • PWA ready,
  • mobile-friendly,
  • SEO optimized,
  • Core Web Vitals optimized,
  • available as open-source,
  • a platform created for eCommerce,
  • strong community around Magento,
  • ERP integration,
  • tailor-made custom solution,
  • unique User Experience,
  • flexibility.
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