Magento Design Agency

Magento design agency

At Panda Group digital agency, we will comprehensively deal with the website design of your new online Magento store. We have Magento certified specialists on board as well as web design resources needed for your Magento ecommerce platform. We will help your business to grow!

Make your design better and more useful

Web design standards change every few years, that is why a good redesign can bring you more profits.

One image is worth a 1000 words, so check out how our digital ecommerce design and web development team help other businesses.


Check what improvements in web design can we provide for you

Magento migration and web design change for you

Due to the necessary platform change – migration from M1 to M2 – it is a perfect time to refresh your shop look and help it by checking how your customers behave. For us, designing is not only thinking in terms of website aesthetics, as one of the most important KPI for an ecommerce business is the conversion rate, like on social media is engagement.

Benefits for you by commissioning the web design of your store to digital Magento development agency

When creating a store on Magento, you can use the already created, ready-made themes and adapt them to your own Magento ecommerce. The downside of this solution, however, is a lot of unnecessary code in the theme and the need to precisely change the elements to the required ones, which is also associated with time and costs.

Changing the design of the Magento online store

The appearance of websites changes over time as fast as digital marketing. Something that was up-to-date and attracted attention 3 years ago may seem outdated today in the world of online development and user experience. That is why it is worth monitoring trends on an ongoing basis and adapting your business website to changing concepts. This will not only increase sales and conversion rates but also attract and retain users for longer with its modern style with no changes in digital marketing strategy.


If you want your Magento websites to be both aesthetic, fast, and optimized, we recommend creating your own website style – by design development and coding it from scratch. The period of migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is the perfect business moment to rethink and implement these activities in your Magento ecommerce platform.


As Magento certified development team, will create a store page layout project for you, which, combined with the latest technology and Magento developers work – Magento PWA – will allow you to increase your sales and conversion rate in the Magento store. You will have an outstanding website that can be shared on social media.

We will help you with the overall design

We are a digital Magento agency that will take care of designing all relevant pages in your new online business – from the project of homepage, through the category and product page, to the cart, checkout, and order page. We will also help with the project of thank you page, the design of shopping e-mails, and additional information subpages on the Magento website. Our store will be connected with your business colors like as well as your social media style.

Pros of modern website design development

  • better user experience,
  • greater customer confidence in the brand, and thus increased sales in the online store,
  • a long time of the customer’s stay in Magento store,
  • in the case of creating a website from scratch on given website design – this is the speed of the store which will help increase conversions in your business.

Choose experienced digital agency

We are a digital Magento agency that comprehensively deals with the design and development of designed layouts so that you can be sure that the concept is correct. We listen to our clients and deliver tailor-made designs. We treat each website individually. You will get full support – starting from website design to the implementation created ecommerce theme by our Magento developers. Your new store will be tailored for digital marketing and social media team requirements.


For our approach, we have been awarded by the American business portal as TOP 2020 Developers in Poland and TOP 2019 B2B Companies in Poland.

We will be happy to get in touch and answer any of your questions - contact us and let's create something extraordinary!