Magento AWS Hosting

Magento AWS hosting

AWS is a cloud hosting used by many famous companies around the world: Adobe, Autodesk, Netflix, and others. Several years of experience have allowed us to create an ideal combination of data buffering, hardware and software configuration, all in order to maintain the fluidity, speed, and stability of the store/portal during the period of increased traffic.

Magento AWS hosting is a great solution if you care about the stability, speed, and reliability of your e-commerce. Amazon Web Services AWS provides a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure platform that will allow you to increase sales in your store. Amazon Web Services solutions perfectly match the Magento store.

Amazon Web Services AWS is used by hundreds of thousands of e-commerce sites around the world, which proves that it is an optimal solution for online stores.

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The store depends not only in a system but also in Magento 2 hosting - Amazon Web Services

Considering such an advanced system as Magento, we must bear in mind that no matter how well optimized the store is, the performance also depends on managed Magento hosting – mainly in cases of increased traffic on the store’s website – during the promotion period.


Magento AWS hosting provides the possibility of thousands of photos of products simultaneously and the processing of thousands of orders daily. The optimal configuration, which we will take care of as a whole, will also shorten the server’s response time.



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About Magento AWS

Magento AWS hosting - benefits for an online store

Amazon has prepared many tools that will increase the speed and stability of the store:

  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) – an AWS service that provides us with scalable computing power, depending on the needs. The AutoScaling mechanism allows EC2 instances to be scaled up or down. The advantage of EC2 is maintaining the stability of the system in the period of increased traffic and charging for additional power only when it is needed.
  • Elastic Load Balancing – an AWS service that allows you to evenly distribute traffic between different EC2 instances, which allows you to maintain the stability of your e-commerce, and the certainty that for every user, regardless of where they are browsing the store, it is displayed correctly.
  • Amazon CloudFront – allows you to quickly load photos and videos from virtually any location. AWS has data centers all over the world, to which photos and videos on the website are copied. This solution makes the person viewing the website in the USA connects directly to the nearest server located in the USA, and not, for example, in Europe, which reduces the time needed to display resources and leads to an improved experience on the store’s website.
  • Amazon Relational Database Service – easy to use, configure, and scalable relational database in the cloud,
  • Additional services such as Amazon Route 53 – domain registration, resource status check, Amazon Simple Storage Service – resource storage, Amazon ElastiCache – store cache service, and scaling.

The advantages of AWS for Magento

First of all, the most important feature and the advantage of using Magento AWS hosting is the flexibility of services that work together perfectly. Magento AWS hosting scales as the company grows. If our store needs additional resources or power, it can receive them, so you can be sure that the traffic on the store’s website will be well served. An additional advantage of using Magento AWS hosting is the speed of implementing new Magento hosting resources and the fee only for actually used resources/services – adding memory/increasing space. This allows you to optimize costs, because these resources are allocated faster than in regular managed Magento hosting, and as traffic stabilizes, they can be turned off – which ensures you only pay for the resources that are used.

Worldwide data centers (worldwide server management) are an added plus – in this case if one of the data centers fails, your online store will be available to the user at all times.

The security of your data also speaks in favor of the Magento AWS hosting platform – numerous security tests have been carried out, and Amazon AWS can boast of the ISO 27001 certificate. Data centers are strictly secured against unauthorized access and that will provide that your Magento AWS hosting will be secured.

Amazon Web Services AWS for your Magento store

If your online store already has a larger number of orders and constant traffic, AWS will be the perfect solution for you. The ability to scale resources and pay only for resources that we really use in Magneto is an obvious plus solution that is not usually found on the standard managed Magento hosting platform. The availability of AWS data centers allows you to maintain the stability of your Magento store, which will lead to an increase in the number of conversions.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and AWS Cloud

When switching to Magento 2, it is also worth considering whether it is worth investing in the AWS service right away. If we see a field for the development of the store on the market, AWS, as a scalable, cloud-based solution, will be one of the best ideas for this type of activity. There will be no need to constantly change your Magento hosting to cloud, so it’s better to do it properly on the future-proof Amazon AWS cloud platform.

Summary of AWS Cloud

To sum up, if you want your e-commerce to load at an express pace, to be adjusted to the number of customers browsing it, AWS cloud is the optimal solution. It is especially useful during peak hours or periods of increased traffic on the site, such as Black Friday, when server resources are most needed. Magento AWS hosting will be as well better secured than traditional solutions. All there benefits can show us that the Magento hosting on AWS will be optimal solution.
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