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Petite AmĂ©lie weaves an enchanting tale of a dedicated mother creating exquisite accessories for children’s rooms since 2010. From its humble origins in crafting cribs, this company has blossomed into one of Europe’s fastest-growing brands for children’s furniture, accessories, and toys.

With 6 thriving online stores spanning across Europe and alluring concept stores in European cities in France, Germany, and the Netherlands Petite Amélie epitomizes a brand on the rise, destined for unparalleled success.

100% UX improvement

Realistic 1:1 product visualization

Selling furniture entails delivering a promise of comfort and fulfilling aesthetic impressions within the private spaces of customers. When it comes to designing a child’s room, inexperienced individuals may find it challenging to strike the right balance. Thus, the merchant’s objective is to provide tools that simplify and enhance the process, making it more enjoyable.


Recognizing the hesitations customers may have, particularly when making decisions about larger furniture pieces like beds and wardrobes, the merchants understand the importance of allowing clients to physically interact with the products. Customers need to touch and feel the items, ensuring they align harmoniously with their interiors. Even for those who visit showrooms, it remains difficult to envision the furniture in their own homes accurately.


For most people, having the opportunity to assess how furniture looks within their own living spaces is invaluable. Ultimately, this serves as the primary goal in this situation.




Rendering the furniture photos
Embedding the external iframe onsite
Adding a link to the product as an attribute
Solution First ImageSolution Second

The step that often requires the most time and attention is the overall task of rendering high-quality and visually captivating photographs of the products. This crucial stage involves ensuring that every detail is meticulously captured and flawlessly showcased, making it a vital element in the overall production workflow.

Iframe embedded

When pictures and renderings are involved, we need to embed an external iframe on our website to facilitate the process. The link to the rendered pictures is placed as attributes of the product, enabling us to showcase the product’s 3D picture in the client’s space using innovative AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

User-friendly QR code mode

This exciting feature allows clients to experience the product by simply scanning a QR code and operating the situation on their mobile devices. The process is straightforward, user-friendly, and adds a delightful touch of fun to the overall experience.

1:1 scale represenatation

The user can conveniently check if the product perfectly fits the designated space through a true-to-life 1:1 scale representation. This immersive experience provides a realistic look and feel, allowing the user to visualize how the product will complement the surroundings.


Additionally, the user has the option to save the picture and share it with others, further enhancing the collaborative aspect of decision-making.

Toward knowledgable clients

This groundbreaking shopping assisting technology empowers users by granting them the remarkable ability of product recognition. With this invaluable capability, users seamlessly transition into informed clients, facilitating knowledgeable and well-informed purchases. Now, more than ever, customers can make confident decisions with the assistance of this cutting-edge innovation.


Outcome / benefits

Simple installation of the external moduleIframe
3 steps Improving UX by empowering customers
Presentation of products in natural size1:1 scale

From owner’s perspective, Panda Group has been an invaluable partner in Magento development. Our fruitful collaboration dates back to 2015, and we have exciting plans to further expand our business with them – a testament to their outstanding reliability.

What sets Panda Group apart is their remarkable responsiveness. Even in the face of urgent requests, they consistently reply within minutes, ensuring that our needs are met promptly and efficiently. With Panda Group by our side, we are confident in our ability to thrive and succeed.

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