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Petite Amelie is a brand founded by a mother who deeply values the well-being and happiness of children and their parents. With a meticulous focus on detail, safety, and aesthetics, they offer a range of exquisite furniture, decorations, and toys. 


Their products are presented seamlessly both online and offline, catering to customers across multiple European countries and multiple channels. Appreciating the individual product experience is of great significance. 

User engagement and Social Media empowerment

UGC seamless management

Petite Amelie products offer exceptional value and exude elegance when showcased in clients’ personal spaces. Recognizing the desire of users to share their purchase satisfaction, particularly in the context of arranging babies’ and toddlers’ rooms, the brand sought to collect client photos. However, this process faced challenges due to its execution across various channels and countries with differing languages.


To address this, Flowbox transformed the approach by automating the collection and seamlessly integrating user-generated content (UGC) with online sales channels, such as the website and social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter (X), Pinterest.



The Flowbox widget implementation on the Homepage and Community page.
Shoppable pictures link directly to the product, and add to cart feature.
Web analytics feature send events to GA4 for data-driven approach.
Solution First Image

Flowbox is a SaaS solution which can be easily combined with Magento with API connection. It delivers a User Generated Content (UGC) platform for eCommerce and non-eCommerce brands. 

Flowbox allows to leverage social content to boost engagement, social proof, and sales throughout the buyer journey. The  platform enables users to collect, moderate, and publish content on their website, online shop, and social channels. 

How it works step by step

The content is curated from social media by utilizing tags, mentions, and hashtags. Once the necessary permissions are obtained from the creators, the brand can showcase and share this captivating content on their website creating shoppable galleries. It is also possible to gather and display customer reviews and star ratings

Upon entering Petite Amelie’s website, users discover a diversity of content contributed by real customers, showcased both on the homepage and community page. The captivating visuals are not only aesthetically pleasing but also seamlessly integrated with the products they represent. By enabling direct links to the desired items, the website reduces customer friction and enhances their overall shopping experience.

AI Product recognition feature 

When associating the posts with recommended matching products from the Primary catalog, it is possible to eliminate the need for manual searches using product IDs or names. This streamlined process supported by AI simplifies the tagging of products in your posts, saving valuable time and effort.

Safety Approval Before Publication

With the Pre-Approval feature, you gain the ability to actively monitor and filter User Generated Content prior to its display on your website or social media channels. This crucial step guarantees the exclusion of inappropriate or irrelevant content.

Brand design customisation

It is possible to fully customize the design without coding skills using a flow editor tool directly integrated into the platform. It is possible to achieve a cohesive brand look and feel with no-coding skills. 

Widget styles, titles, fonts, and more are conveniently accessible within the platform, empowering the content team to have complete control over UGC presentation. With this feature, clients can effortlessly adjust widgets to align with their brand aesthetics in just a few moments.

Data-driven eCommerce

The flows and checkout script efficiently gather visitor interaction data, while the web analytics feature seamlessly integrates these events with the Google Analytics 4 property. 

UGC Alternatives

According to Build With Flowbox, the widget for social sharing is used by 1333 live pages, while  Social9 by 1407, Rwartz 1519, and 2215. To choose the best option for you you might need to consider your business needs combined with the technology stock. 




Outcome / benefits

Simple installation of the external moduleAPI first
Social ProofBrand authentication
Empowering sale channel Social Media

Flowbox is a fantastic way to implement UGC on our website and to see how customers have styled, used our products. There are some beautiful images that we would have missed if we didn’t have this tool.

It also makes the products more relatable when our products are used in different homes, settings and by different people. It also creates trust for potential customers. It’s exciting and refreshing to see the different ways our products are portrayed.

Flowbox has been relatively easy to work with.

Mary-Jo Riglione

Petite Amélie

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