Moodboard UX impact on Magento product customization

Introducing Petite Amélie: a story of a dedicated mother creating one-of-a-kind accessories for little ones’ rooms since 2010. From its initial success with cribs, this company has blossomed into one of Europe’s fastest-growing brands for children’s furniture, accessories, and toys. 

With 6 successful online stores spanning across Europe, including vibrant physical concept stores in the bustling cities of France, Germany, and the Netherlands, Petite Amélie has emerged as a rising brand that captivates the hearts of customers far and wide.

Magento products customization

Moodboard improving UX in Magento store

Moodboard is an example of an eCommerce customization. Empowering users in creating customer journeys.  Here is a perfect tool for visualizing furniture and decorations.  This innovative feature allows you to see how items will fit in your room using real-life pictures.


No need to rely on imagination or traditional brick-and-mortar stores anymore. With Moodboard, clients can combine their home pictures with the products they plan to purchase, improving their user experience and helping to make informed decisions.


The requirement was not only easy designing out of accessible products and product series, but also to save Moodboards and move products to the basket.


We have made interior design easier with available products and product series. In addition, we make it possible to save Moodboards and easily transfer products to the shopping cart, which streamlines the customer journey. 



Products pictures and parameters database to be used in Moodboard
UX/UI - easy and smooth features operating and engaging
Add to the cart combining the Moodboard with the shopping cart
Solution First ImageSolution Second

Magento Product pictures 

First, we had to assemble a collection of photos specifically chosen for our Moodboard design. It was crucial that they were both visually cohesive and optimized to seamlessly integrate into the customer’s design process.

UX/UI for desktop and mobile 

To create a seamless user experience UX on both desktop and mobile, we focused on designing a detailed user interface (UI). Our goal was to ensure ease of use in any situation. One particular challenge we faced was designing the navigation and display of individual products. After several iterations, we successfully accomplished this task in approximately 5 iterations.

Add products to the cart

To enhance the customer experience, we have implemented a feature in Moodboard that allows users to easily add their chosen products to the cart at checkout. This enables them to save all the products used in their design and conveniently create a shopping list.

Magento Moodboard benefits

Our aim is to enhance the sensory experience of our products, making them feel as though they are being touched in real life. Additionally, we leverage the power of digital technology to match the products with home pictures in order to stimulate imagination and provide the highest quality product visuals.


The tool improves user engagement that supports SEO, encourages clients to use additional products in the design and increases the basket value


The benefits of this feature for businesses are numerous. It enhances the time spent on the site and engagement when creating mood boards, thus improving SEO. Additionally, selecting multiple products for a Moodboard increases the value of the basket. The feature also improves recognition and product matching, leading to a decrease in returns. This is because clients can make their own choices based on their preferences, rather than relying solely on a simple cross-selling strategy.


Outcome / benefits

IncresedOnsite time
UX/UI Enhanced

From a business owner’s perspective, Panda Group is a trusted partner for long-term Magento development. Our collaboration began in 2015, and we are committed to further expanding our business with them—a testament to their excellence. We highly value their responsiveness, especially when it comes to urgent requests; Panda Group consistently responds within minutes.

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