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Tailored product configurator

API-first solution binding supplier and eCommerce provides a range of smart home appliances that make use of IoT devices. The solutions are highly customizable and can be integrated with other devices for a truly smart home. understands that home design is just as important as functionality, which is why they offer customizable options to fit the unique needs of each homeowner. Highly configurable blinds are the perfect solution from that perspective.


Each blind can be custom-made to fit the individual window, to within 1 mm of their window size, whether it’s a modern large-scale window or a small-roof one. Plus, all of the blinds come in a range of stylish fabrics60 different fabrics, and 3 transparency levels, making it easy to achieve a cohesive look throughout each home. 



API-first - connection between supplier and eCommerce
Flexible Magento frontend designing and developing
UX-first - configuration, ordering and purchasing
Solution First ImageSolution Second

Configurable products can be a headache for eCommerce businesses as they often result in thousands of individual products that require management on the platform. Even the most advanced eCommerce technology can struggle to handle the complexity and maintain efficient workflows. Changes to dimensions, fabrics, and prices further complicate product maintenance. It’s a challenge to simplify the process.


We’ve come up with a simple and effective solution! By taking a broader view that we typically do in our projects, we realized that the producer can easily provide product data and materials from their system, which we can directly transfer to the e-commerce platform. This means the ordering and purchasing process can be done straight from the producer, with the e-commerce platform seamlessly serving as a broker with little to no maintenance required.


The API connection is a total game-changer! With this technology, managing the ordering and purchasing of nearly 4,000 combinations of product options on the eCommerce platform is now a breeze. 

Our main task was to create a front-end that met the needs and specifications of the supplier instance. This was a major undertaking that required extensive collaboration between our team and the producers. Thankfully, we were able to develop a flexible and adaptable solution that met all of the necessary business requirements. By seamlessly uniting the two companies with innovative technology solutions, we have provided the means for both businesses to cooperate. 


Not only did we overcome technical obstacles, we also satisfied UX demands. Our client can effortlessly customize a multitude of products based on color, transparency, installation options, sample orders, and even personalized labels to perfectly complement their blinds and windows.


A possibility to preview a customized product before purchasing thanks to a user-friendly configuration process. Plus, wrong measurement insurance prevents any expensive mistakes. With the streamlined online process, customer service isn’t even necessary. It’s hyper-effective.


The best way is to check on yourself –  IoT products configuration


Outcome / benefits

instead of over 4K variants1 product
100%self maintaining solution
revenue increase+50x

We have been offering our customers electric blinds as part of our smart home solution, along with shutter controllers, for a considerable period of time. However, with the onboarding of Smartblinds and the launch of our configurator, we now offer a fully customizable and complex solution for our customers.


They can choose blinds that are accurate to within 1 mm of their window size and style the look with over 60 different fabrics and 3 transparency levels. Additionally, we provide free fabric samples so that customers can see and feel their future blinds before making a purchase.


Our data shows that customers typically buy more than one blind, and our revenue increased over 50 times in the first month after the launch of the configurator.


Anna Dodonova, Product Manager

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