Magento MultiStore Implementation

MultiStore Implementation

Petite Amélie is, above all, the story of a passionate mother who has been designing and manufacturing unique accessories for babies’ and children’s rooms since 2010. Since the success of their first cradle, the company has gradually expanded into one of the fastest-growing European brands for children’s furniture, accessories, and toys.


Today, Petite Amélie operates 6 different online stores in Europe as well as three physical concept stores located near Paris, Amsterdam, and Düsseldorf. Petite Amélie,  is a swiftly growing brand.



our challenge

Our cooperation began in 2015 when Petite Amélie started their rapid growth and expansion from the Netherlands to other European countries. The company’s key products are children’s furniture, including beds, mattresses, wardrobes, chairs and tables. The common factor connecting these products is big size and weight, and thus they need more than one warehouse to deliver quickly to all their clients.


The main challenges were:

  1. Integrating 3 physical warehouses from different countries with Magento.
  2. Introducing a Point of Sale system, which is integrated with the warehouses and the online shop, to the local concept stores.
  3. Allowing customers to choose the parcel delivery date and select premium options like evening delivery or home delivery.
  4. Redesigning the online shop with migration to a new dedicated server and Varnish implementation.


The process for each of the key challenges was as follows:

Analysis of the business requirements taking into account all the edge cases we found, from the business and development perspectives.
Research of available solutions which would allow us to reach the goal and speed up the implementation process.
Iterative implementation, testing, and delivery of the product.
Solution First ImageSolution Second

From the business and implementation perspectives, there was a tight connection between the warehouse project, the local concept stores, and the organization of advanced delivery methods. In developing our solutions, we always kept in mind the expected further expansion of the business in the future.


Having in mind the budget and timescale for marketing this project, we used 2 third-party modules that had the base functionality of the multiwarehouse and POS system. This allowed us to shorten the implementation time. We focused on extending the modules to meet the business requirements of integrating 2 warehouses and 2 local concept shops.

“Improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%.”

Google / Deloitte

Milliseconds Make Millions


It is clear that nowadays, customers expect a smooth and quick shopping experience. Nobody wants to see the spinner and wait several seconds for the page to load. To provide a seamless experience for Petite Amélie’s customers, we decided to use a dedicated server combined with a Varnish cache. As a result, we decreased the average loading time by 36%.




Outcome / benefits

The integration of 2 warehouses and 2 concept stores, and the opening of online shops in 4 more countries has allowed Petite Amélie to in the past 5 years of cooperation.

quicker load time36%
4new online shops
local shops and warehouses integrated2+2

The migration of the shop to a dedicated server with 24/7 monitoring decreased the shop load time by 36% and boosted the conversion rate.

From a business owner perspective, Panda Group is a long-term, reliable partner in Magento development. We have been working together since 2015 and plan to expand our business with them, which should be the best recommendation. I value that they are responsive, especially in case of urgent request Panda Group always replies within minutes.

CEO Petite Amélie

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