Magento in-store pick up & hyper fast filtration

Upper 90 Teamwear operates since 2009 in New York’s store chain offering the latest collections of soccer equipment from TOP sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Wide customization options for sports clubs and expert advice.

The Client can shop online and offline visiting retail locations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or Long Island.

For years of activity in the market, the Upper 90 have more and more retail locations which caused problems with inventory rotation. Products were spread between local stores and central inventory slowing down the stock sale.

  • There was a need to create an omnichannel system combining transaction processes and inventory management between online and offline points.
  • Transaction starting online and finalized offline in a retail store no matter in which localization the product is physically.
  • The crucial issue was also to implement quicker online product filtration Slow filtration was discouraging for new clients.


Business needs recognition with online and offline stores development.
Algolia searcher implementation to increase speed and improve UX.
In-store pick-up module and omnichannel inventory management.
Solution First ImageSolution Second

Existing Magento e-commerce was equipped with an efficient filtration of the whole range of products from all physical inventories and stores.


The searcher Algolia was implemented and enabled the query of 3-4K products in a very short time. With narrow selection delivering search results in milliseconds.


This omnichannel solution giving a possibility of product filtration from all localisations showing a list of possible results under the search box while writing the query.

Implementing additional options of product collecting.

In-store pick-up option with:

  • automated email information about the ready-to-pick-up store order,
  • operating hours,
  • navigation tips about different transportation means.

Outcome / benefits

Thanks to superfast searching with Algolia for Magento and omnichannel options we improved the Customer Experience and Business Effectiveness of our Client.

Hyper fast searching20-50 ms
4K Product filtration
Omnichannel featureIn-store-pick-up

Panda Group has proven to be a very reliable and experienced company, and we consider the quality of their work as outstanding. Since we started working with Panda Group, there hasn’t been a single issue or a custom request that the agency would not be able to handle, as far as Magento programming is concerned.


Chris Gbur – E-Commerce Manager

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