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Our client is one of the biggest Berkey Water Filter dealers in the USA operating on Magento 1 since 2008. They provide their customers with thousands of water filters and replacement parts every year, ensuring they can always access clean and healthy water. Berkey Water Filters protect your family’s health by removing viruses, chemicals, and bacterias from your tap water.


our challenge

Big Berkey Water filters had been providing water filters for their customers through the Magento 1 platform since 2008. Through this solid e-commerce platform, it was able to offer its customers a safe and reliable service for over 12 years. However, with the approach of the Magento 1 End of Life, the client wanted to find a way to maintain this level of service for the future. They wanted to upgrade the platform and migrate to the newest available Magento 2 version.


The migration was also the time to think about whether to upgrade the existing, functionalities, and design. Everything had to be considered in order to ensure the best user experience for the end customers.


The shop had also provided an affiliate program through JROX marketing software, which had to be updated and migrated as well.



Review key features which need to be migrated to Magento 2.
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the existing shop, using Hotjar and Google Analytics. This allowed us to create a new improved design.
Migration of existing data and implementation of new design with Magento ScandiPWA solution.
Solution First ImageSolution Second

The process of migration started with a review of the existing Magento 1 shop and its features. Over its 12 years of operation, the system had accumulated several modules that were no longer used, and others which were ripe for replacement.


Having in mind that Berkey Water Filters is a well-established business, and thinking long term, we decided that the best way would be to follow current e-commerce trends and implement a PWA solution for Magento 2 shop.


We decided to use a PWA (Progressive Web Application) for this shop migration as this technology has the following benefits:

  • It allowed us to make a shop that would load significantly quicker than a standard Magento theme, and every 100 milliseconds counts in the e-commerce. According to EBay’s ‘Milliseconds Make Millions’ report, “A 0.1-second improvement in load time results in a 0.5% increase in Add to Cart count”.
  • It gives the customer a mobile app experience without having to install an additional application. In turn, this saves the company from having to develop expensive dedicated software for each platform.



Outcome / benefits

During this migration to Magento 2, our main goal was to improve the usability of the shop and make it really fast, in a bid to decrease the abandonment rate. We succeeded in this goal by using the ScandiPWA solution. Meanwhile, all the data was migrated from the old system effectively, including blog posts, customers, orders, products, categories, and CMS pages.


If you’re still unsure whether PWA is the right direction for your Magento eCommerce shop, then I think these numbers speak for themselves.

fewer requests on a homepage120
5.4seconds quicker homepage loads
quicker the checkout loads54%

Panda Group is a client-centric company. They make sure clients know where things are in the pipeline and how long they’re going to take, as well as the risks and benefits compared to the cost. They’re probably the fourth development group I’ve worked with and are the best by far. I recommend them to anyone. They’re great across the board.

Owner, Dan DeBaun

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