IoT devices rental with Magento – smart heating control

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Smart heating control for Sustainable Home

IoT devices rental - subscription payement

Heating consumption is a main concern in winter especially when heating costs are getting hire and hire. As an individual consumer, you have no influence on the price level you can certainly control the heating consumption. And the technology is here to help. Smart devices for smart home solutions allow for significant savings in heating consumption. But it is not always worth buying them. Why not rent them? 


However, renting means configuring devices appropriate for individual needs. Magento is a perfect platform for tailor-made products and services. The first step is to explain to the customer how the rental works and the second is to present appropriate packages the final is to get through the process with minimal involvement from the customer service site. 




Communication boxes explaining the product and visualising process.
User Experience to streamline purchasing and renting process.
Convenient rental payements management with Billwerk.
Solution First ImageSolution Second

The heating-reducing set comes with one Bosch Smart Home Controller and one to six Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostats II, depending on the number of radiators that the client has. Please note that the rental period is a minimum of 24 months, with monthly payment calculations.


There are six different package options available, each explained in a separate section. These sections detail how the package works and the savings you can expect. Our goal is not only to clearly present the products but also to communicate the advantages of heating control. To ensure a clear and informative product page, we have designed information boxes that prioritize user experience UX.


We also provide instructions on how to calculate heating expenses and compare them to the expected savings. Additionally, we have included a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to address any additional customer inquiries and reduce the need for customer service engagement. goes for clear communication and minimalistic design. Impressively designed with user convenience in mind, its information boxes, step-by-step process explanations, and FAQ sections streamline the purchasing process so you can quickly understand, conclude, and purchase with ease. is an example of a perfect option for a seamless online rental purchasing experience.


The rental process is supported by Billwerk Rent Payment Solution. To make rental payments easy for eCommerce managers and customers. This software streamlines the payment process, allowing customers to make payments online using multiple methods, including credit cards, direct debit, and bank transfers


Automated reminders help ensure timely payments, and e-commerce managers can track payments in real-time and access payment histories through detailed reports. This customizable solution based on Magento and Billwerk cooperation is perfect for any type of rental and helps improve cash flow management while reducing manual errors. With Billwerk you do not waste any more time handling rent payments.


Outcome / benefits

engagement reduced significantlyCustomer Service
24 months Customer Satisfaction during rental period
Rental management automation for effortless control 100%

The development of our partnership clearly shows our high level of satisfaction and we can highly recommend the Panda Group as an agency as well as a full-service provider.

We really appreciate Szymon’s entrepreneurial mindset, his high level of reliability as well as outstanding IT skills. Especially during critical times, we received excellent and result-driven support.


CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Marius Lissautzki,
COO & Co-Founder Dr. Julian Hueck

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