Hyvä Themes Magento frontend redesign

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UX improvement boosting performance

Hyvä Themes Magento frontend redesign

With the aim of distinguishing themselves in a new market, they set out to revolutionize their B2C presence. To gain an edge over competitors and meet client demands, they sought to enhance their experience with improved UX design.

We began our journey to achieve that with a careful UX audit, allowing us to identify the fundamentals for inspiring new design. Nailing down the right technology to support an eCommerce business and fit into its existing infrastructure was a daunting task, but necessary in order to meet desired objectives. This involved careful consideration of various factors, such as ERP systems.



UX audit to identify weak points of the purchasing process
Magento upgrade to prepare for the next step redesign
Hyvä Themes Magento frontend redesign and UX improvement
Solution First ImageSolution Second

It was beneficial to start with UX Audit, where we identified the following issues:


The first issue was that users were confused with too many details on site and could not focus on the information crucial for the purchasing process. The site navigation was also distracting


The main goal was to arrange the layout design in the proper, not confusing way for the users and enhance the navigation to make it more intuitive and natural. We usually suggest simplicity and a minimalistic layout, which is a frame to expose products and services instead of imposing itself and blurring the image. 


We focused not only on the main page but also on category, product pages as well as cart pages. We introduced pictograms and arranged the information in an order allowing for a quick overview of the offer and enabled in-depth research when necessary. Many products are complex and require the appropriate presentation of various details. 


The second issue was to smooth the checkout process. The checkout layout is accordion-type. Completing the initial information unlocks a new set of steps. The page is getting longer and longer, but the client has the possibility to scroll through the checkout information at every stage. What is more, the cart summary is still present on the right side accompanying the user down the form.  

The next step was to design a new front end. We decided to use Hyvä Themes, a great Magento frontend, to profit from its outstanding performance and a short time to market. 


Hyvä Themes is a game-changing PHP technology that simplifies and streamlines Magento frontend development. Compared to Luma, the default theme for Magento, Hyvä eliminates unnecessary libraries which boosts desktop performance up to 90 – making the site faster than ever with an improved User Experience!


Our research and Hyvä solutions implementation proved to be hugely successful in improving user experience – events on page increased by over 300% within the first period after the deployment. We are thrilled at such a positive outcome!


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Outcome / benefits

In-depth UX audit as a starting pointStart
90% Desktop Performance according to Page Speed
More on site events 300%

After considering our needs and goals, we selected Panda Group to work on our project. Their eagerness to support us left a great impression right from the start. We can confidently say that they put us at the top of their priority list as collaboration went smoothly and any inquiries were always addressed swiftly. Even when matters weren’t originally part of the scope, it was reassuring knowing we could rely on them every step of the way!

Tomasz Stężycki, eCommerce Manager at Bonmario

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