Google One & Magento integration – First in Europe is the IoT marketplace based on the Magento platform. It is a German-based European retail market of IoT leaders. was also the first in Europe to implement Google One subscription service, with Panda Group support. Google One subscription is a great business opportunity, allowing for the following profits:


With subscription services, customers can build trust and loyalty with the business. Now, is the first European Magento-based marketplace to offer Google One service as a cross-sell – an incredible opportunity that boosts its reputation even further!

Twice shorter scheduled project time!

1. in Europe Google One & Magento integration

With, we had the ambitious goal of implementing Google One before Black Friday, and when it became clear that this deadline would require us to work in a tight time frame across two continents – America and Europe – our team was undaunted! 


We quickly got down to business, gathering requirements for the Magento framework as well as scheduling implementation plans with the Billwark subscription payments solution, all while visualizing the project’s progress for optimal efficiency. 


Even though working remotely proved to be challenging at times due to such stringent timelines, we rose up to meet these goals impressed by how far distance collaboration could take us!



Project Management tools: Confluence and LucidChart
Technology Stack composed of Magento & Billwerk
The testing and training was crucial for the effectiveness
Solution First ImageSolution Second

We decided to communicate fast and effectively with short iterations and video recordings sent to the US overnight and ready to be answered the next morning. This way we gained time because one team worked in the morning and the other team worked at night, which was in fact a bright day in the other time zone. 


From the very beginning, we also used great tools for project management like Confluence and LucidChart enabling us to visualize the project’s progress.


A dedicated team of front and back-end developers with a tester was a great option as the team members were totally focused on the project issues. It was a great adventure for all of us bringing not only project success but also personal satisfaction.

Our great handicap was a good knowledge of the Magento framework as well as Billwerk API solution from our previous projects. We could solve issues faster and more efficiently with no time wasted as the know-how was worked out years before. 


The very important stage of the project was the testing and training phase. Here, again we recorded several videos predicting different situations that may occur when ordering and using different service configurations. 

It was a huge success to realize we could complete the full process twice faster than it was initially predicted.


Please find more details about the process itself in our blog post about First in Europe Google One integration as a custom Magento feature   


Outcome / benefits

Magento & Google OneFirst in Europe
2 monthsQuick time to market
Cross-sell service for Black FridaySubscription model

With Black Friday being a period of maximum orders for e-commerce, wanted to give customers the opportunity to try Google One with a free period. Customers who buy any product get 3-6 months of free usage of Google One storage, giving an advantage over purchasing a subscription directly from Google. 


This provides three main business opportunities:

1. Regular profit after the free period has ended.

2. Additional reminders for customers about

3. Increased reputation as the first distributor of Google One in Europe.


Anna Dodonova, Product Manager at

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