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Tink is one of the first online marketplaces for connected home products based on the internet of things IoT. It was founded in 2016 in Berlin and from start-up, it grew to a market leader with over 100 employees and 700 000 customers. In 2021 it received 40M€ from investors and is about to become a regional leader.


Offering IoT products of Google, Amazon, Apple, Bosh, e-mobility solutions with Volkswagen. It’s also engaged in developing new business models like rentals and insurance, delivering the customers a complex range of IoT products and services.

The first Black Friday back in 2016 was astonishing as the store owners did not predict the actual growth of traffic in the high season. It was the first year of operating, online was the only sales channel but with no experience and data from previous years. 

It was predicted that the traffic and transactions will grow a certain amount so the store infrastructure server and data basis will be sufficient. In fact, the traffic was 10 times bigger than expected which was a great business opportunity and quite a technical challenge not to let down the e-commerce efficiency.



Cloud Hosting Server AWS - scalability and flexibility
Performance testing 1 month prior to Black Friday with JMete
APM - Application Performance Monitoring
Solution First ImageSolution Second

After the first Black Friday and the holiday season, it became clear that our server capacity was not enough. We had a problem scaling up web servers quickly which made us switch from the previous hosting to AWS Cloud Hosting for e-commerce facing seasonal peaks in demand – ideal as you can customize servers to your individual needs by increasing or decreasing them for only a few days or even hours.


Thanks to the data and experience from the previous year, we were able to predict and estimate traffic well. With accurate forecasts each year, we simulate traffic with JMeter tests running on Redline 13 and AWS to test the Magento performance


To test the performance of Magento, we use a copy of the store with a properly scaled infrastructure in AWS, enlarged only for the purposes of the testing phase to the required size. The Magento performance testing process consisting of iterations allows you to remove potential errors. We have fewer problems to fix each year.

Throughout the high season, Magento e-commerce is accompanied by a dedicated team that tracks APM – Application Performance Monitoring results, servers logs and deals with any issues in real-time 24/7.


The performance tests process is the most expensive in the first year. As you need to write the tests per specific store requirements. In the next few years, you can save about 70% of the time by reusing previous tests and adjusting them to the new requirements.


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Outcome / benefits

Accomplished Black Friday Performance Testing for 6 years6
0%Magento performance testing budget growth
APM - Application Performance Monitoring 24/7

The development of our partnership clearly shows our high level of satisfaction and we can highly recommend the Panda Group as an agency as well as full-service provider.

We really appreciate Szymon’s entrepreneurial mindset, his high level of reliability as well as outstanding IT skills. Especially during critical times, we received excellent and result-driven support.


CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Marius Lissautzki,
COO & Co-Founder Dr. Julian Hueck

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