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VII Poznań Magento Meetup recap

VII Poznań Magento Meetup recap

The VII Poznań Magento Meetup was truly exceptional, featuring special guest –  Ivan Chepurnyi. With a wealth of experience dating back to 2007, Ivan is a distinguished Magento expert, who developed Magento 1 and now is a Magento Top trainer and speaker who participated in the creation of Magento.

His profound technical expertise in the platform enables him to develop and optimize websites for clients globally. Last week, Ivan led a Magento, Mage-OS Performance Optimization Training in Poznań, and his presence also allowed us to benefit from his insightful presentation during the Magento Meetup.

Additionally, we received updates about the upcoming Meet Magento Florida from Alexander Galtsow, who informed us that there are still a few spots available for January.

To summarize the presentations:

  1. Ivan Chepurnyi delivered an intriguing presentation on utilizing the full potential of New Relic for performance analysis.
  2. Kamil Balwierz shared his smooth experience achieving an anonymous checkout using Hyvä Magewire Checkout.
  3. Bartosz Górski presented the practical use of Git hooks in terms of static code analysis before committing it to the repository.

Ivan Chepurny on Meet Magento Poznań 2023

New Relic performance analysis 

This was just a glimpse of Ivan’s Performance training happening in Poznań.and he truly delivered on his promise to showcase some New Relic magic! In a few concise words, he explained what New Relic is and discussed its pros and cons as a tool. He also mentioned a few alternatives for measuring frontend performance. But then, the focus shifted to the backend, where New Relic analytics truly shines.

It was a live presentation of a real case. Ivan started by examining the Top transactions and quickly identified areas that needed improvement – the shipping APIs. After a bit of digging, he discovered that the session management was the culprit, a common issue in Magento.

However, sometimes finding the root cause isn’t that straightforward. Ivan emphasized that while New Relic can point you in the right direction and help identify issues, it may not always provide a complete answer. It serves as a guide, highlighting the areas that require further analysis.

Then, he demonstrated how to use the Query Your Data tool. He generously shared some of his NRQL (New Relic Query Language) tips and showed us how to prepare, execute, and extract valuable insights from a query.

All in all, it was a fantastic tour of the New Relic features, and we will certainly leverage these insights in our future projects!

Meet Magento - Hyva checkout on Magewire

Close-up view of Hyvä Checkout

The second speech was delivered by Kamil Balwierz, who showcased the effective utilization of Hyvä Checkout to obtain the necessary customer data for processing purchases. Kamil delved into the components and communication within Hyvä Magewire checkout, providing a comprehensive overview. 

The presentation included insightful implementation details, encompassing valuable code snippets and listings that greatly contributed to a better understanding of the topic. Kamil eloquently presented his course of action, offering well-reasoned justifications for his chosen solutions. 

During the presentation, the problems encountered were outlined, along with how they were addressed. The presented solutions not only answered the question of how but also why, deep diving into the internal mechanisms of the new checkout.

Undoubtedly, this speech will prove immensely beneficial to anyone currently working with the cutting-edge Hyvä Checkout solution.

Kamil presented the Magewire on the previous Magento meetup.

Bartosz Górski Adobe Git Hooks tools for Magento code value

Git hooks – fight for code quality

Bartek Górski shared a method for ensuring code quality before pushing it to the repository. As we’re aware, the development process necessitates adhering to certain standards, such as creating unit or integration tests and utilizing tools like PHP Code Sniffer, PHP Mess Detector, PHP Stan, or JavaScript linters.

However, most of these tasks are monotonous and susceptible to human error when performed manually, leading to the accumulation of technical debt. This is where Git hooks come into play. They allow the execution of custom logic during various actions, such as pre-commit, post-commit, pre-push, or post-checkout.

Git Hooks managers Magento Meetup

Implementing Git hooks requires some familiarity and manual configuration, but Git Hook Managers can assist in streamlining the process. Bartek thoroughly compared four of them—Captain Hook, Grump PHP, Whisky, and composer-git-hooks—focusing primarily on the first two and presenting their setup. Ultimately, both options excel in different scenarios. The choice is yours.


We had yet another opportunity to be part of an exceptional event, covering a multitude of captivating subjects and issues. The participation has been consistently growing from one event to the next, and we’re thrilled to announce that the next one is scheduled for February in a brand new spot, right here in Poznań! Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates. Stay tuned!

Check out the video from the event! You won’t want to miss it. Watch it here! The VIDEO from VII Poznań Magento Meetup 

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