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 V Poznań Magento Meetup – recap 

 V Poznań Magento Meetup – recap 

Last week’s Meet Magento event in Poznań left an indelible mark – it was the juiciest one yet! According to some opinions. Perhaps it was the diverse range of subjects that contributed to its success.

During the meetup, we had the opportunity to attend insightful presentations addressing crucial topics such as communication and mental health. Additionally, we acquired access to in-depth technological insights about Magewire.

Communication first

Poland Panda Group Meet Magento e-commerce development Agency

Anna Krzyżańska, an E-commerce Solution Architect, discussed a pertinent concern related to vocabulary usage in e-commerce projects. “Houston, do we have a problem?” The challenge lies in effectively communicating and exchanging information between technical teams and clients. 

It seems that even within the same team, individual developers, QAs, and PMs use different terminology to refer to the same concepts. This issue is not limited to internal communication but also affects interactions with customers. It is crucial to address this scalability problem and strive for consistency in vocabulary among teams within the company. This will ultimately lead to improved communication and better relationships with customers.

For instance, during urgent situations where emotions play a significant role, precise communication is crucial in effectively addressing and resolving problems.

Due to insufficient communication, teams may unknowingly work on the same issue simultaneously. This lack of awareness hinders collaboration and coordination.

It is important to educate team members and clients about the issue and to use appropriate terminology. This investment in education will yield long-term benefits and help stabilize the situation.

Mental health in IT 

IT people working intellectually, often remotely are prone to mental disorders such as depression. Unstable situations and constant pressure bring anxiety. Gaining a proper balance between work and other activities and avoiding excessive screen usage is crucial for our overall well-being. Failing to do so can have devastating effects on our health and happiness.

Awareness of the existence of a problem is a significant step. Thank you, Łukasz Bajsarowicz, for sharing your testimony. It’s remarkable how much we can relate to our own lives from your history and realize we truly share similar experiences. 

There are some options to diagnose your individual situation paying attention to 4 areas:

  • motivation
  • sleep quality
  • nutrition disorders
  • self-assessment

You can recognise depressive symptoms using the following questionnaires:



 When you recognise symptoms, the next step is to ask for help. You are not alone. There are appropriate measures to handle the situation.  

These include therapy, pharmaceuticals, enhancing well-being through physical activities, practising mindfulness, and cultivating social connections. These options present opportunities for personal growth, allowing individuals to navigate their challenges with support and resilience. 

Magewire – how it works

Kamil Balwierz presented an in-depth analysis of how Magewire supports Magento Development to prove there is really no magic behind it. He explained how it really works and what are pros and cons of using Magewire in the Magento Development Process.

A real advantage is the elimination of JavaScript. By doing so, it becomes easier to create Magento-compatible modules that enhance the development of custom components. Its notable characteristic lies in its open-source nature, fostering interaction with PHP.

This streamlines the development process and allows for greater flexibility in creating a tailored shopping experience.

Magewire was also used to create Hyva Checkout and that’s why it’s worth noticing as it is an intriguing combination.


There’s no better way to acquire knowledge and exchange experiences than meeting face-to-face! Not only does this foster social connections and communication skills, but it also enhances our mental well-being. 

This is particularly important at a time when remote work has become the norm. Through these in-person gatherings, we have the opportunity to witness insightful presentations, showcasing the very best of what we’ve accomplished in recent times.

And the next Magento Meetup is coming soon on the 13 of December! See you there!

here you have a link to the event 


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