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The power of communication

The power of communication

As the adage says: “A man learns throughout the whole life”, we decided to refresh our knowledge about communication and creation of the business offers (power of communication).

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to attend the workshop, moderated by professional coach Joanna Bogielczyk. A part of our team participated in tasks, prepared by Joanna, to find out how  to create an offer to our clients, fulfilling their requirements and needs. We were  acquainted with schemes and practiced by our own to improve the power of communication in our company.

The training gave us a fresh glance on a communication outside our company and helped us understand  the customers’ needs. It was very enlightening and helpful workshop, we definitely recommend it to the other Teams 🙂

To find out more about Joanna Bogielczyk, go on www.bogielczyk.com

Krzysztof, Szymon and Maja working on a task

power of communication 1

power of communication 2

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