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The kings of 2015 next-day delivery and in-store pickup

The kings of 2015 next-day delivery and in-store pickup

There is a saying that “customer is king”. In the time of growing prosperity and supply, sellers give more and buyers want more. Online shopping market is constantly raising, taking clients away from stationery shops. All of this leads to higher standards, but also higher requirements of the customers. “Customer is a king” so sellers must fulfill their needs.
The new kings

The latest trends in eCommerce are related to delivery logistic: next-day delivery and in-store pickup.  Even though they appeared in 2014, they will pop up this year.  These possibilities make online shoppers very happy but it is a huge operational and logistic challenge to retail chain in every online store.

Next-day delivery

Buyers demand to get their order the next day. Standard waiting period for delivery is being shortened from couple weeks, to one day, or even few hours.  The faster, the better! The biggest issue in this area is the location of warehouses and constantly complementation of the merchandise.
In-store pickup

  • There are many reasons why people are willing to buy online and pick up in a store:
  • they want to avoid shipping costs,
  • they want to be sure the product is available and reserved,
  • they want to get the product the same day,
  • they want to  avoid taking the time to find a product in the store.

There are also many challenges that retailers have to master:

  • they have to have up-to-the-moment inventory data,
  • they have to recruit additional staff,
  • they have to designate areas where shoppers can pick up their purchases.

Even these aren’t the easiest changes to implement to your online stores, you need to do it if you want to be the competition for the biggest players in the eCommerce market.


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