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Test or die

Test or die

You are following the markets, sifting through to get the right ideas, you spend time and money to make sure your website is at the forefront of your industry ,only to be let down with some poor planning and implementation. Websites don’t just happen, anyone involved in the process knows too well the hours and sometimes frustration spent on bringing them to market. And one small oversight can bring it crashing down.

If it was a bricks and mortar shop front, would your front door open to a blank wall? Would you hide products from your potential customers?  Would you keep you best sellers in the bottom of the shelf?  Would you make it hard for someone to give you money?. No of course not,so why do it with your online store?

Here is where testing is crucial. Every time something is changed or implemented with your online store you have to make sure your developers have tested, tried it and then tested the hell of it again, because once it is live it will be seen and if it is not perfect then why even bother.

Anyone in retail knows to sell product you need to show product. In a bricks and mortar store you seen your products displayed, you can study your customers and how they interact and react to your displays and products.( taking good retailers here ). Online this is even more crucial, you do not have that topflite sales person to make your excuses for poor displays or smooth over the obstacles, to ask the questions, to find the right products all you have is a page on a screen and that page needs to be PERFECT.

So before you start showing the world what you have spent your hours and hard earned dollars on make sure your developers have tested tested tested and if they don’t move developers.

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