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TDD training with Magento

TDD training with Magento

Last week, in Poznan (Poland), took place a three-day training, which was attended by one of our developers, Michał. Training “Magento Test Driven Development” was conducted by Vinai Kopp, one of the official Magento trainer and significant authority in the industry.

The training was designed to introduce participants the way of writing tests with TDD method, using PHPUnit. The first day was devoted just to this task. Over the next two days, participants had the opportunity to learn and practice writing tests, using the Magento platform.

Michał talks enthusiastically about the experience, which he won during these few days:

“The training showed me how to write correctly and functional integration testing. Vinai in the clear way led us through the TDD subject. TDD approach is very interesting and in the long-term projects (still being developed) certainly will save the  time when introducing new functionality”.

TDD forces thorough rethink of implemented code, which significantly improves the quality of produced software (optimally written / transparent to the others). Thanks to the training, Michał knows how to improve his and Light4website’s work.

Vinai Kopp and Michał

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