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Subuno fraud prevention module for Magento 2 

Subuno fraud prevention module for Magento 2 

Subuno API allows eliminating fraud 100%. Combating fraud costs money and time, and eliminating the fraud problem increases sales and eliminates e-commerce losses

Subuno takes the process to the automation level and eliminates the manual order review. All the checks are being made automatically instead of manually, saving your time and money. A friendly dashboard gives you all information you need to analyse the situation. 

You can create your own rules or use the existing best practice templates to check orders against over 100 risk factors. They verify the fraud score, white lists and velocity. 

After the order is placed it is sent to Subuno where it receives a status accept, reject or review marked with a flag. Flagged orders can be investigated at any time.

What is fraud in e-commerce? 

When most people think of e-commerce fraud, they think of credit card fraud. However, there are many other types of e-commerce fraud. For example, identity theft is a type of e-commerce fraud that can occur when someone’s personal information is stolen and used to make unauthorized purchases.

Another type of e-commerce fraud is auction fraud, which occurs when a seller uses a fake or stolen credit card to purchase goods from an online auction site. While e-commerce fraud can be costly and time-consuming to deal with, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself.

For example, make sure you only do business with reputable companies, and never send money to someone you don’t know.

If you’re ever the victim of e-commerce fraud, report it to the proper authorities immediately so they can investigate and catch the culprit.

What are the most frequent eCommerce frauds?

The eCommerce industry is one that has seen increasing fraud in recent years. One way this happens, according to experience with our clients, can be through stolen credit card details or even account takeover attempts where criminals create multiple profiles to reap rewards such as bonuses for referring others into purchasing goods online using their own personal information which may not always have been earned fairly.

Why implement anti-fraud software in eCommerce?

Investing in eCommerce fraud detection software can have a huge payoff for your company, as it will improve the overall business. It is also important to protect against card operator charges that may result from high-chargeback rates and lower payment processing efficiency like Visa or MasterCard who might charge more when paying out transactions with their respective brands.

Maintaining a good reputation among customers should always remain a top priority because this affects everything else including how much they pay us!

How to protect e-commerce against fraud?

Fraud detection software can help eCommerce businesses avoid chargebacks and protect customer accounts. The right application of these tools will even assist with transaction reviews, preventing the occurrence of future frauds!

Subuno anti-fraud tool for Magento 2

Magento is an open-source platform that can be fully customised to suit your needs. Subuno is tailored toward helping businesses automate the process and gain more time and money in return for their investment. It provides shop owners with detailed information about transactions e.g. location as well as email addresses. 

It also features built-in ML (machine learning) models which help make predictions based on past behaviour patterns without human intervention – creating a much smoother experience than traditional methods.

Subuno software for whom?

If you run an online store with Magento 2, then this extension is going to be your best friend. The Fraud Prevention Module enables seamless communication between the e-commerce site and Subuno API provider so that potentially risky purchases can easily get detected before they’re shipped off!

Subuno fraud prevention module for Magento 2 e-commerce platform 

At Panda Group we have developed Magento 2’s Subuno Fraud Prevention Module that helps you keep your store safe with intuitive tools for monitoring risky purchases.

It automatically sends all data back to the Magento e-commerce platform to prevent the goods from shipping when the transaction is risky. 

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