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Smart solution for your business?

Smart solution for your business?

You have never heard of it or you use it on your daily basis? Either way, this app is taking over both, social and business worlds, which means, that it’s the great solution for your business

For those who have never used WhatsApp, which is quite odd (there is 800 million people who use it on a monthly basis!), it is a phone based application that instantly delivers a messages, as long as the phone is on and connected to the Internet (all you need is a phone number).

What’s given to you?

WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited number of text messages, photos, videos or voice notes. It also gives you an opportunity to share location and links with WhatsApp’ users. All of this is available in a private chats or in a group conversations (up to 100 people).

Annual use of the application is free, after that, you have to purchase $0.99 per year. It is matched to the multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

What’s given to your business?

Facilitates communication inside the company

Your workers can connect quicker and easier. They may stop using other social media tools, which are distracting them from their duties and tasks.

Customer support and promotion

You can easily contact and interact with potential clients, informing them what’s new in a company or introducing current products and services. You can also create WhatsApp groups where clients may ask questions and be constantly supported by your employees.

New convenience

solution for your business


WhatsApp decided to build a WhatsApp sharing button generator, so you can easily create your own one. This button will guess the current platform by itself and will be shown up on supported devices ( iOS and Android) . Here is how you can manage it: http://whatsapp-sharing.com/.

There is a chance WhatsApp will introduce some improvements with the aim of business customers e.g.  WhatsApp at work or WhatsApp for Business. What’s sure, this application is giving a real-time way to connect with a massive global market. It is up to you if your business needs an app like this. Doubtless, it is worth considering.

To get to know even more and download the app: https://www.whatsapp.com/?l=en

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