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Recurrent abandoned shopping carts? Won’t happen again

Recurrent abandoned shopping carts? Won’t happen again

If you’re an online shop owner, you probably have a problem with recurrent abandoned shopping carts. Don’t you? You’re wondering why people add your products to the shopping carts, but instead making a purchase, they’re abandoning it just before they check out?

Don’t worry! This article will explain to you why customers leave your website without finishing an order, and what to do, to change this frustrating  situation.

First of all, you need to know the reasons why people actually abandon shopping carts. The survey carried out by statista.com, shows these reasons and their number of percentage:


As you can see, almost everything revolves around money. First of all, remove the hidden charges and never surprise your customer with an additional cost. Even though it depends on shipping or sales tax, provide a special calculator within the shopping cart.

What is more, sale with discount, coupons and codes and provide free or flat shipping.


Not everyone has Visa or MasterCard. Give your customers a multiple payment methods. Let them pay with PayPal or give another option. This will let your clients select the option they like.


Do not forget to simplify the checkout process. Customers will appreciate if you let them buy your products without creating an account. But give them reason to do it ( a discount). Do not ask for too many questions and inform the customer how much work is left to complete the order. Provide a clean and friendly interface. Surprise your buyer with short and easy pathway.


No one likes to be cheated or robbed. We all know that as much as eCommerce world grow, as many counterfeit people try to fool online. That is why shoppers need to feel and see the security measures on your online store and be sure, they’re buying from an honest seller. Ensure people that all their information is encrypted and kept safe.


Put your shopping cart in a  prominent place. Show a lot of pictures of your products with the zoom option for buyers to make easier decision. Provide easy to find CTA’s ( Call to Action) and make sure they’re working.

Apply all the points you’ve just read to your online shop and stop worry about abandoned shopping carts. As the title says: It won’t happen again 🙂

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