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Prove you’re the best place to shop

Prove you’re the best place to shop

Everyone who runs online store wants to meet at least three consumer’s requirements. First of all, every salesman wants to provide excellent shopping experience. Second of all, ensures reliable on-time shipping. And third of all, guarantees exquisite customer service. Some of them are able to achieve it, but how to prove it? There is the answer! Free Google Trusted Stores program will let you proving you own the best place to shop.

Why should you become a Google Trusted Store?

  • it increases confidence for your new shoppers by highlighting your reliable shipping, excellent customer service and positive customer reviews (badge)

  • it can help you qualify for seller ratings in AdWords (customer reviews can help you qualify to display seller ratings in AdWords and Google Shopping)

  • it can enrich your AdWords ads with your Google Trusted Stores status through review extensions.

  • it helps stand out on Google Shopping with the Trusted Stores badge.

  • it can increase the conversion rate and average order size on your website.

           How to become a Google Trusted Store?

You will be certified in three easy and short steps:

1. You need to create an account, by verify your eligibility ( to find out the details go on Google Trusted Stores Merchant Guidelines). The most important points are:

  • average monthly online order volume must be bigger than 200 orders per store,

  • not selling restricted products/services (e.g. weapons, tobacco),

  • having support team that respond to all customer escalations within 1 business day,

  • providing accurate estimated ship dates for all non-backordered items,

  • Only US-based Merchants selling items priced in US Dollars are eligible for the Program. Good news for sellers from outside the USA- they may change it soon!

           You also need to provide a primary point of contact who will represent your business. You can also opt in for additional program updates, best practices, and communications related to the Program.

           There is also a requirement to review the Program Agreement.

You will sign the legal program agreement on behalf of your company and will also provide your full business name.

            And what’s last in a first step, you will tell about your store.

You need to provide some basic store information, including website URL, and up to three categories which best represent each store. You will also provide public customer support information and web addresses for each store.

2.Complete the technical integration

Add the badge code and order confirmation module to enable the badge on your site and allow customers to opt-in for purchase protection once your store has been approved.

(more information: https://support.google.com/trustedstoresmerchant/answer/6063065?p=techintegration&hl=en&rd=1)

3. Enter the qualification period

During this period- minimum of 30 days, Google will collect and review various sources of data to assess your eligibility to participate in the program. After customers complete a purchase on your site, they can opt in to receive a Google Trusted Stores customer survey regarding their shopping experience with your store.

( more information: https://support.google.com/trustedstoresmerchant/answer/6063055?p=qualification&hl=en&rd=1)

      These three short steps may change how customers perceive your online store. It is up to you if you want to take advantage of  Google Trusted Stores Program, or not. Do what’s best for your business.

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