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Powerful debugging

Powerful debugging

To grow and expand developing skills, one of our backend developers, Konrad, has led a training on Xdebug debugging for our team.

Xdebug is a powerful extension for PHP and it’s used to track (step by step) the code. It also supports stack and function traces, profiling information and memory allocation. What’s more, it analysis the script execution.

Konrad started his training from the installation, configuration and use of Xdebug to debugging. He showed the rest of the team, how to download the extension and how to actually use it. He explained how to operate Xdebug , what should be taken into the consideration and what are the benefits of it. Konrad didn’t forget to show in practice how Xdebug can detect what does not work, why and where. He is preparing a tutorial to show how to correctly download, install and use the extension.

It is certain,  that Konrad’s training  will turn into a faster and more efficient work of our developers. Thanks Konrad, good job!


Konrad explaining how to use Xdebug for debugging


 Our developers absorbed in training

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