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PHPERS Summit 2022 event relation

PHPERS Summit 2022 event relation

5 workshops, 40 lectures, over 700 participants. The sixth edition of PHPers summit is behind us. Once again, we met at the Poznań International Fair with programmers and PHP enthusiasts. It was an amazing opportunity to meet other people in the industry and exchange experiences.

We had great fun thanks to the competitions prepared by the exhibitors, thanks to which we could test our knowledge of PHP and win gadgets and other prizes. We took part in lectures from which we can distinguish:

Introduction to Kubernetes by Łukasz Biegaj

A pleasant and simple introduction to the arcana of Kubernetes. Presentation of its possibilities and advantages. During the lecture, there was live coding of its configuration and, at a later stage, its automation using Helm.

Architecture tests, that is, the end of the discussion by Piotr Horzycki

Presentation of how to deal with dependencies in the architecture of a modular monolith. For this purpose, two tools, Deptrac and PHP Architecture Tester, were presented. Thanks to them, we can track connections between modules, which at a later stage will significantly facilitate the extraction of individual modules for micro-services. We discussed how it works, the configuration and analysis of reports.

Fail Fast! Start writing bug-free code with Konrad Otrębski

“Fail fast” is a software development methodology consisting in writing the code which, at the time of an error or unexpected state of the application, will display the error as quickly and clearly as possible. This way it is easy to track the occurrence of errors sometimes without having to debug the code. During the lecture, examples of code refactoring were presented so that it meets the conditions of this methodology and the use of assertions.

Architecture as a code Krzysztof Kowalczykiewicz’s presentation

Creating system architecture diagrams using the Structurizr application. The program allows you to create diagrams by writing code in a specially prepared DSL format. The presentation provided an overview of individual diagram elements, how to improve their readability and how to use the WYSIWYG application.

The fun was crowned with delicious grilled food and beverage. We are glad that we had the opportunity to take part and we are waiting impatiently for the next edition 💪

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