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Panda Group’s recommendations for Magento Checkouts 

Panda Group’s recommendations for Magento Checkouts 

We advise the checkout solution only after investigating the individual situation of eCommerce and the growth perspective in the coming future. There are many possible solutions and the point is to choose wisely and adequately to your individual needs.

The basic question is simple: Which checkout is the best for you? And the answer depends on what your front end is made of. Below we present some possible configurations of Magento front end and Magento checkout solutions. 

Luma frontend checkout solutions 

If your Magento eCommerce is built on the Luma frontend, the default frontend for Magento you have two options possible:

  • Luma checkout 

This is a standard Magento solution – it uses the same technology as your entire store. It gives you a wide range of possible 3rd party modules compatible with Luma checkout like custom shipping, payment options, etc. 

Last but not least, it is supported and developed by Adobe and Magento Community. It means a strong technology background successful in the past years. 

But there are some disadvantages coming from the few years old default technologies. Luma is experienced and reliable in front-end technology however,  any changes and customizations are hard and costly. The checkout process is visible on more than one page, and the users need to go through several steps in order to complete a purchase. 

Luma checkout example from the Panda Group project

  • OneStep Checkout 

When you have built Magento Frontend on Luma and want to have one-page checkout you can use a well-known Magento module which is OneStepCheckout. It is one of the best 3rd party modules available on the market. 

OneStepCheckout has been compatible with Magento 1 for many years already. It is a reliable and proven technology you can be sure will support all your needs. It is based on an extensive customer experience, and various integrations go along with it. 

However, it’s possible that some 3rd party modules will not be compatible and will require further customization.

OneStepCheckout checkout example from the Panda Group project

Magento 2

Magento 1

Magento checkout for Hyvä frontend 

More and more Magento eCommerce use Hyvä Themes as Magento frontend. It became popular at the beginning of 2021 as brand-new technology, very fast and well-supported. It is appreciated by developers as well as customers because it boosts performance crucial for UX, especially in online stores. 

When using Hyvä you have the following possibilities:

1. Hyva React Checkout

This is the same technology as Hyvä Themes which is the most recent technology stack for Magento development. Its main advantage is simplicity, and the code is lightweight which results in great performance and fast time to market. Quite an important issue is that it also has good support. 

As this technology is quite new, it is possible that the 3rd party modules will not be compatible and will require customizations. Besides, it may require a different approach than the standard Magento frontend, so you will need additional skills in your development team.

2. Hyvä Checkout

It is a new option offered by Hyvä.io as  a regular offer. It was already tested in the beta version, early access option and there is a step further to try it on. 

Hyva Checkout one-time fee is 1000 EUR. Hyvä is a technology giving customers a fast and friendly user experience, especially on mobile devices. Merchants get an intuitive tool to improve conversion and turn users into clients. And together with developers can profit from faster time to market as Hyvä technology simplify the development process. 

We have been testing the beta version already and soon will have more expert information to share. We predict that Hyvä checkout might turn out to be a real game changer in the Magento World :).

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3. Luma Checkout

As was said before Luma is a reliable and widely used Magento front-end technology that has been successful in the past. It goes along with Hyvä Themes very well. 

The default Magento solution uses the technology where any changes or customizations are quite costly. And with Luma checkout, the customers need to go through several steps before they can buy something online since there isn’t one single page available.

4. 3rd party checkout e.g.OneStep Checkout

Here, again with Hyvä Themes, you can use any 3rd party checkout e.g. OneStep Checkout comes in handy, as this solution is well known and present on the market for a good while.

Its reputation is based on great customer experience. However, you need to realize this is a paid option. For more details on the payment plans, please read above. 

Magento checkout for ScandiPWA frontend

Another popular Magento front-end solution is ScandiPWA. It’s a headless front for Magento 2. For more about the issue of headless technology please read our Magento Headless eCommerce blog article. When you decide to use this kind of storefront, you need to consider several options for checkout:

ScandiPWA native checkout:
Progressive Web App technology has been getting popular recently. It is certainly a modern front-end technology you can rely on.  As it was invented to let native mobile applications experience it, it works fast. ScandiPWA has also a good support system.

As it is a fairly new technology, it may that the 3rd party modules are not yet compatible, requiring customizations. You’ll also need to take a different approach than with a  standard Magento Frontend development, so it is essential to make sure your team has the necessary skills!

ScandiPWA just like Hyvä.io frontend can be accompanied by Luma Checkout and developed 3rd party checkout modules e.g. OneStepCheckout.

ScandiPWA checkout example from the Panda Group project

Custom Magento Checkout

In complex eCommerce stores with e.g.composable products or many variables, you may need to develop a checkout functionality as a separate part of Magento. This solution is the most flexible one. It also requires customized development services. This way you build a unique store architecture allowing for the best customization, user experience, and merchant independence.

Flexible technology stack 

In this option, you may use various technologies e.g. React, Vue, and Remix. It allows developers to develop fast and well-performing checkouts with custom user experience allowing them to take advantage of the competition

Whenever you need to scale up the checkout part of the store it can be done separately from the e-commerce engine. This totally independent solution will work with any other e-commerce stack, so you can migrate to any platform in the future and use the custom checkout with no time limit.

Magento headless – the cost of support
This option is time and cost-consuming, additionally, each integration has to be done from the scratch. Headless technology involving various technology stacks often requires dedicated  teams to implement and support it –  as different skills are attached to each individual technology differing from Magento

Custom checkout example from Panda Group project

Conclusion – details matter

With our experience in all solutions presented above, we offer high expertise in Magento eCommerce design and development. You can be sure that your individual situation will become an important factor when it comes to technical adjustments for a perfect fit – just let us know what you need!

We know that every company has different needs and we will work hard to meet your individual specifications. Panda Group offers a variety of Magento eCommerce design solutions, so no matter what you’re looking for in an online store – be it robust functionality or a sleek user interface-we’ve got the thing you need.

If you want to learn more about Magento Checkout we recommend reading the article on Successful Magento Checkout.

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