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Panda Group questionnaire – Aneta Demuth

Panda Group questionnaire – Aneta Demuth

Recently, Panda Group has decided to shake things up and try something new. To get to know our team members better, we’ve come together and decided to use a famous method by Marcel Proust: the Proust questionnaire. 

The questionnaire contains a variety of questions that seek to uncover each person’s true qualities, values and beliefs. We’ve tailored the questionnaire to suit Panda Group’s unique culture so that it will be more meaningful for everyone. We hope this initiative further strengthens our team and leads us closer towards achieving great success together.

At Panda Group, we believe that teams are greater than the sum of their parts. By bringing together individuals with different strengths, skills and motivations, we can create something even more powerful and special. 

We are happy to have Aneta onboard with all of her energy and hard-working attitude! She brings incredible expertise in sales support and office management skills that are very useful to the team. Her passion for writing and psychology also adds vast value, bringing a fresh perspective to Panda Group’s content creation and employer branding projects. Aneta is a great asset to Panda Group and delivers exciting results with every project she tackles.

Aneta Demuth

  1. My favourite activity?
    Spending time with loved ones, travelling
  2. What is my favourite place? And Why?
    Home, but outside home – Scotland 
  3. Who or what would I be, if I were not who I am? / What profession other than my own would I like to attempt?
    A writer or psychologist 
  4. What languages (also programming) do I know? 
    Polish as a mother tongue, English, little bit of Spanish and German 
  5. What I would like to learn more about?
    Different cultures and how the human body&mind work
  6. When am I lying?
    I don’t think I do, at least not in important matters
  7. Words I am abusing?
    “nie wiem” & “gdzie kot?”
  8. Favourite literary/movie heroes?
    Wednesday Addams / Grinch 
  9. Favourite heroes of everyday life?
    My mom 🙂
  10. What do I hate above all else?
    Lies, arrogance and condescending people 
  11. What do I love above all else?
    My cat
  12. A supernatural gift that I would like to have?
    A gift of teleportation
  13. My current state of mind?
    Content, calm 
  14. Which mistakes do I most often forgive?
  15. What sound or noise do I love?
    Music in general
  16. What sound or noise do I hate?
    Chewing and loud sneezing 
  17. If heaven exists, what would I like to hear when I arrive at Heaven’s door?
    “Welcome, everyone waited for you!”

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