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Panda Group Questionnaire – Krzysztof Ratajczyk

Panda Group Questionnaire – Krzysztof Ratajczyk

And here is high time to get to know better Krzysztof Ratajczyk. Panda Group CEO together with Szymon Niedziela. They started Panda Group in 2013 and still make the dream real developing eCommerce around the world leading a team of Pandas located mostly in Poland. 

We all know Krzysztof is crazy about his dog. What else he is crazy about or rather what makes him so balanced and calmful? To find out read more in the Proust Questionnaire below. 

Panda Group Magento Agency Proust questionnaire

Questionnaire for Magento Agency purpose

Proust questionnaire has been created as a pleasant social game. It was believed to analyse personalities, souls and moods. There are so many versions already and situations the questions are used for a particular purpose that even at Panda Group we created one for our pleasure and to better know each other. Feel free to check if it helps. 

  1. My favourite activity? Gym, BJJ, walking with my wife and my dog, playing football, reading, and learning new things.
  2. What is my favourite place? And Why? Home 😀 Why? Sweet home ;D
  3. Who or what would I be, if I were not who I am? / What profession other than my own I would like to attempt? Coach, teacher.
  4. What languages (also programming) do I know? PHP, Polish, English, Polish “Łacina”
  5. What I would like to learn more about? How the brain is working on a daily basis. How the actual economy works in the world and why it works in that way.
  6. When am I lying? Never
  7. Words I am abusing? “Kumasz?” – Do you follow me?
  8. Favourite literary/movie heroes? Hmm, I don’t have any favourite heroes.
  9. Favourite heroes of everyday life? People.
  10. What do I hate above all else? Injustice.
  11. What do I love above all else? Wife 😀
  12. A supernatural gift that I would like to have? Wings.
  13. My current state of mind? Calm focus.
  14. Which mistakes do I most often forgive? Mistakes during learning something new.
  15. What sound or noise do I love? Birds singing in the forest.
  16. What sound or noise do I hate? Noises during renovations.
  17. If heaven exists, what would I like to hear when I arrive at Heaven’s door? You did a great job on the Earth!

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