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Panda Group Questionnaire – Marcin Foss

Panda Group Questionnaire – Marcin Foss

The Proust Questionnaire is an ingenious device for discovering the roots of one’s personality in just several questions. It was popularized by French author Marcel Proust, who believed that answering these queries reveals what you truly are: greedy or kind-hearted; confident or insecure… 

There are different versions of this questionnaire. Over the years it was changed and modified according to the situation and particular needs. 

Panda Group Magento Agency’s Backstage

At Panda Group we have also created our own version of the Proust Questionnaire and asked our team members to answer them. Our purpose is to let us know each other better. And we had fun answering them and spending some time on self-recognition. 

In this fast-moving world stopping for a while and thinking about such details as annoying sounds, favourite characters and favourite places can be refreshing. Many thanks to all Pandas ready to share their thoughts and show their nature. 

Panda Group Magento Agency Proust questionnaire

Panda Group – Proust questionnaire

Here is the first Panda Questionnaire by Marcin Foss our Project Manager with broad IT experience connected with law and economical issues. If you want to find out why Azure sea feels like home, and what makes home the centre of the universe, keep reading. You will also find out how many languages Marcin knows and what development issues and goals he focuses on.

My name is Marcin Foss

  1. My favourite activity? My favourite activity is to ride a motorbike on county roads. Stopping from time to time and taking pictures of interesting places. 
  2. What is my favourite place? And Why? My favourite place is my home. It is a safe harbour which I maintain and upgrade. The second, best is the warm Mediterranean beach next to the Azure sea. Those are safe, comfortable spots with a lot of peace and great views. I also connect it to a relaxed state.
  3. Who or what would I be, if I were not who I am? / What profession other than my own I would like to attempt? A Lawyer. If I had to make an urgent change I’d consider Trainer, Programmer, Businessman or Handyman.
  4. What languages (also programming) do I know? My native language is Polish, I know English, a little bit of German, Russian and Spanish. Programming languages I’m familiar with are Python, C#, PHP, C++. I also know HTML and CSS.
  5. What I would like to learn more about? In the long term, I’d like to study MBA. In the medium term, I’d like to get PSM 1 certificate. In the nearest future, I’m working on React basics and Magento.
  6. When am I lying? I usually speak my mind. Any lies are hurting further cooperation and trust – both in private and business life. Maybe when I’m being polite and it is just an insignificant subject.
  7. Words I am abusing? “Let’s say”. Good questions to my interlocutors.
  8. Favourite literary/movie heroes? Geralt from The Witcher saga of Andrzej Sapkowski. He’s funny, dedicated and good-hearted.
  9. Favourite heroes of everyday life? My Wife naturally. Clearly, she’s made of steel.
  10. What do I hate above all else? People hurt other people for their benefit.
  11. What do I love above all else? Family. And Freedom.
  12. A supernatural gift that I would like to have? I have all the gifts I could imagine. Any more would be pure spoiling.
  13. My current state of mind? Focused. Going to be relaxed soon.
  14. Which mistakes do I most often forgive? Misbehaviour of my daughter.
  15. What sound or noise do I love? “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. Also some engines sound nice.
  16. What sound or noise do I hate? Nails scratching the blackboard. And styrofoam.
  17. If Heaven exists, what would I like to hear God say when I arrive at Heaven’s door? “You may enter 😀 ”

Follow us to read more next weeks and months. We’ve prepared a piece of good Panda Series. 

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