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Panda Group questionaire – Jacek Kiernicki

Panda Group questionaire – Jacek Kiernicki

In remote work circumstances, it is difficult to get to know each other. The world changes, technology supports communication, and remote work need technology support. We were inspired by the Proust questionnaire, created in the XIX century for social entertainment. People were always interested in each other and loved, first listening, and later reading stories. Here is Panda Group’s version of the famous questionnaire created for your entertainment. 

Panda Group Magento Agency Proust questionnaire

Panda Group Magento Agency backstage

Jacek is a new Magento backend developer at Panda Group who mastered several human and IT languages PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and C/C++. His knowledge and experience are quite impressive as well as his conclusions on life and work. 

  1. My favorite activity? I like winter because I love swimming in icy water. It is perfect for health 🙂
  2. What is my favorite place? And Why? My home is where my heart is and it is always with my family. My favorite place is wherever my wife and kids are.
  3. Who or what would I be, if I were not who I am? / What profession other than my own I would like to attempt? It may sound funny, but I would like to be a subsistence farmer. Somehow farming reminds me of freedom and independence and I would like to try it. Maybe retired? 🙂
  4. What languages (also programming) do I know? I know a lot of languages: Polish, English, and a bit of Norwegian, and I recently started learning German. I also know PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, C/C++, and Assembler for microcontrollers.
  5. What I would like to learn more about? I don’t know if I’ll have enough life to learn everything about the topics that interest me. But what fascinates me the most is: what is the truth?
  6. When am I lying? Never! Even the worst truth is better than a trivial lie. Why do people lie? Among other things, out of fear of the truth. I am not afraid of the truth and its consequences.
  7. Words I am abusing? Me, me, me, and sometimes I.
  8. Favorite literary/movie heroes? Dead Poets Society movie from 1989. This film shaped my sensitivity and explored the idea of ​​looking at reality from a different perspective.
  9. Favorite heroes of everyday life? My wife!
  10. What do I hate above all else? I hate milk in coffee and lemon in tea.
  11. What do I love above all else? Freedom!
  12. My current state of mind? My mind is focused and fascinated by the new perspectives that lie ahead of me.
  13. Which mistakes do I most often forgive? I am ready to forgive everything to everyone. However, most of the time, I forgive myself for inconsistency.
  14. What sound or noise do I love? I love my wife’s voice the most.
  15. What sound or noise do I hate? Rifle shots!
  16. If heaven exists, what would I like to hear when I arrive at Heaven’s door? Welcome! We were waiting for you!

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