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Owner of an online store? What more can you have and why developer would help you

Owner of an online store? What more can you have and why developer would help you

You have an online shop

If you have an online shop and sell products that your customers order through it, I want to congratulate you, because you do a good job. You save costs, keep your customers’ discretion and convenience. If you manage on your own – the more you deserve recognition. I believe that an online store is a great invention of humanity.

Expanding online store

This post I am writing for people who have a growing shop, are satisfied with its functioning but are looking for something more.

Imagine an online store that was set up a few years ago and no developer was more concerned with how it works. Imagine that the service is limited to customer orders and the introduction of new products.

After all, the Internet is such a thriving, constantly developing space of our lives that leaving the shop a few steps behind is like living in a cave when a human gauze homo sapiens is building a new civilization.

What are the possibilities usually not used on ‘non-professional’ stores?

Let’s take a look at some of the features that are worth introducing on the e-store pages.


Google web storesLet’s start with Google. This shop does probably not follow the technological innovations, while:

  • Google rewards websites that use the latest solutions,
  • Google cares about the speed of the page,
  • Google cares of the reliability of the pages that it provides to users, so a website that is outdated is not promoted by Google,
  • If it contains unoptimized product images, a reduced position in the search engine is certain,
  • The website that have no link-building and are not shared in Social Medias sites are also out of date.

Google Schema

google schema Google ShoppingAmong the new tools are Structured Data, colourful images that appear to internet users after they have clicked on the “Shopping” tab in Google. This is especially useful for users shopping online from mobile devices.

Blog posts

blog posts in web storePerhaps the shop owner does not write a blog. If he writes, however, is he also interested in appropriate linking of his posts? It is often an underestimated form of communication with the user, while it is an excellent form of promoting the store not only through its influence on search engine positioning. A blog has a huge impact on the reception of the store and its credibility in the eyes of buyers.

It is worthwhile to turn on tools analyzing the traffic on the website and check how often pages with entries are visited, what are the sources of visits and which of the entries have the greatest popularity.


pwa e-commerceAlmost certainly, the owner of this shop did not give the returning users the opportunity to visit the owners’ website by a user who has just lost access to the Internet. This is again one of the increasingly popular technologies invented by developers, which is called the Progressive Web Apps.

Web notification

web notificationAnother novelty that can be included on the website. When you add a new product or blog entry, the users who have agreed to it will see a window on the screen. Once upon a time such things were handled by a newsletter, but the Internet turned newsletters into web notifications. You can read more about it here: https://www.urbanairship.com/web-push-notifications-explained.


loyality online storePerhaps the shop owner does not benefit from loyalty programs. Meanwhile, hard data says that loyalty programs are of great importance for the return of customers to the same store. Read more in this article: https://neilpatel.com/blog/loyalty-programs-ecommerce.


rating in web storePerhaps the owner of this shop does not allow users to leave a rating about the product purchased or the shop’s service at all. Including the possibility of commenting and placing coments on the website significantly influences the company’s turnover through the involvement of users and their potential returning.

Better and better…

Store developers have better and better tools at their disposal…

Worse and worse…

e-commerce hacker

…but also do hackers, who sometimes attack websites. In extreme cases, they give their account number to buyers. More often the hackers send spam from forms available on the website. And here is the greatest threat to the shop owner. The website, over which an experienced developer has no control, is not safe. The risk of customers’ data flowing out, including their addresses, purchase history, etc. is a huge threat to the shop owner. It is the developer’s duty to secure customer data so as to minimize the risk of their theft and enable their recovery.

It also happens that a client unwittingly spoils something himself. We had a situation in the company when the customer removed all the products from his shop… And there were hundreds of them, so the consternation mastered him. Pandagroup is the company that needed some 30 minutes to restore these products. We keep our hands on the pulse around the clock!


If your shop is growing – it’s good, you apparently have a good offer! But now invest in security, invest in a nice shop, pleasant for search engines and users.

Invest in it so that you can go on holiday when we do the work you were alone with so far.

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