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Our contribution to e-commerce knowledge and experience sharing.

Our contribution to e-commerce knowledge and experience sharing.

Hello everyone,

today’s post won’t be directly about our company. It will be more about activity in web and how we are looking for opportunities to cooperate with other to share our knowledge and experience.

Everyone knows how important is to obtain experience and knowledge today. It can be used to take head on everyday challenges, to improve our performance in work or activities. Thats why here in PandaGroup it is really important to let our employees and whole company share their knowledge. If you have read our previous posts about our offline events activity in Poznań you are aware that even after hours our employees commit to share their knowledge. If you have not read or you don’t remember it here is short information: firstly Martyna Gola, our UX specialist was holding an event called “Tipi UX #5 Poznan”. This event is regular, free meeting about User Experience and topics related to it: graphics, psychology, programming, and marketing. Secondly, Piotr Burewicz was helping our friends from Snowdog with Magento Meetup also Adrian our frontend developer was doing the lecture at this event. This event is also regular and free meeting but more about things connected to Magento programming and tricks you can do within this system.

More of that we are holding regular presentations in our company where employees are able to share their technical knowledge and keep rest of company informed with new technical solutions, a technology that they are using. In such events, everyone from our company is present so we can talk, discuss and compare our experience.

That’s why we decided that we can not only share our experience offline. We started to look for opportunities all around the web to be contributors for site oriented in e-commerce, IT technologies, UX and design and other things that we are interested in and think we can give interesting content in.

One of our first persons that we are starting cooperation just now is Wendy from https://www.outreachmama.com which is also the contributor for sites in the similar field of interest.

You can find one of her articles here:

​7 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your ECommerce Site

We encourage you to read this article as it is very interesting and well written!

Our company was also choosen to be listed in List of best e-commerce blogs to follow. You can find the link in here:


We are working to find more sites we will be able to contribute our knowledge on and more cooperation around web to share our knowledge! Keep you fingers crossed and hope you have enjoyed this post!

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