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Moodboard implementation in Magento store

Moodboard implementation in Magento store

Ever wished you could see what the products you want to buy would look like together? Or maybe you needed some inspiration when shopping for matching products? One of our clients requested a feature that would allow us to visualize exactly that. On their store, we have implemented a mood board creator – a tool which allows you to create graphics of multiple products together, or to browse already existing boards created by the customer.

We chose to use an already existing tool created specifically for mood board creation and to connect to it via REST API. The tool itself is displayed through an iframe in the store, allowing it to use its full functionality with very little effort. However, we still had to customize it for the tool to be available from multiple different language stores. We also created a landing page that would allow the customer to choose one of many mood board templates created by our client. Finally, we made it possible to save the mood board created by the customer in multiple formats or to have it sent on an email address.

We believe this feature is a great way to allow a customer to engage more with the brand he loves and makes the store more interactive. At the same time, it serves it’s main purpose – allowing the client to preview what the products might look like together before actually buying them. The customer feels that their purchase is safer and more thought through.

We can’t wait to implement the feature in other stores! If you are interested in the same or similar implementation please contact us!