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Meet Magento UK – relation focused on Core Web Vitals

Meet Magento UK – relation focused on Core Web Vitals

Meet Magento Experts

Meet Magento UK took place on the 14th of July in an online formula and gathered lots of experts in four areas: Magento Commerce and Open Source merchant, technical, solution, platform.

All 34 prelegents at Meet Magento were professionals in their domains and brought a bunch of precise knowledge and interesting eCommerce case studies. We’ve listened with pleasure and ask questions on many Magento issues like: 

  • How has the pandemic changed online retail?
  • Psychology of Email Marketing.
  • How to create industry-leading B2B user experiences?

Magento 2 Core Web Vitals Ebook 

As Panda Group we were especially interested in Google Core Web Vitals and Hyvä Themes – fronted software for Magento, as we published a week earlier an Ebook on how to optimize Magento e-commerce to make a store compliant with Core Web Vitals. 

We prepared a toolbox to measure new Google metrics and also a to-does checklist of manual optimization to improve search results and performance leading to growing your business.

We also pointed out a revolutionary solution for Core Web Vitals optimization which is in our opinion Hyvä Themes. Implementing this frontend framework solves all problems with temporary Core Web Vitals optimizations allowing us to deal with them for good. 

Please feel free and download our Core web Vitals Ebook 

Magento Core Web Vitals optimization for joy

Core Web Vitals: optimizing for joy and busting myths was a subject of Andrey Lippatsev’s speech. Andrey is EMEA CMS Partnerships lead at Google and described the idea of Core Web Vitals in a very clear and attractive way. 

The subject is technical and often described in a difficult manner with a high entry threshold. He explained what it is all about and why it’s important. 

The idea of Core Web Vitals 

As Andrey mentioned at the Magento UK meet-up, Core Web Vitals focus on user experience which is the main direction of technology development nowadays. Website user experience (UX) is more and more respected in online business as good ideas and businesses can lose because of:

  • slow loading of a web page, 
  • shifting structure with jumping elements leading to misclicks and 
  • delays of interactions when the user is waiting for a web page response 

The above are real obstacles for brilliant business ideas and can efficiently stop their potential. On the other hand, optimizing Core Web Vitals can boost the results significantly.

Vodafone Core Web Vitals optimization results

Andrey Lippatsev showed interesting data on Vodafone’s measurable Core Web Vitals implementation effects. A/B test showed that the LCP optimized page did a 31% better result as shown on the slide from the Meet Magento UK. 


Core Web Vitals optimized pages let improve lead to visit rate by 15%, cart to visit rate by 11%, and 8% more sales!


Andrey also presented top tips on how to measure and improve Core Web Vitals with helpful process recommendations. This approach resembles tips presented in the Panda Group Ebook.

The whole presentation you can watch on the Meet Magento UK video.

Core Web Vitals revolutionary Solution Hyvä Themes 

Andrey’s presentation on Core Web Vitals could be supplemented by another speech made by Vinai Kopp Developer, Consultant & Trainer at Freelance. He spoke about Hyvä Themes from a developer’s perspective. 

According to this PHP and Javascript developer with experience at front and backend, Hyvä is “a breath of fresh air in the Magento cloud”. He told us about his experiences and predictions for the future.

If you are interested in details please feel free to watch the video available on the Meet Magento UK.

Hyvä Themes for Magento performance 

According to Panda Group expert, Adrian Wyganowski Hyvä not only supports Core Web Vitals and consequently improves page speed, interactivity, and user experience but also simplifies Magento frontend, bringing it to the sources and eliminating Magento code from the extensible CSS amount.

In our opinion, Hyvä is the best solution for better performance and SERP improvement.

We hope you found the information in this blog post to be useful.

If you want to learn more about Core Web Vitals, download our free Ebook and start using our tips today!

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