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Make your Magneto thank you page an invitation

Make your Magneto thank you page an invitation

When we think about conversion we usually focus on persuading users to buy more products or, at least, to subscribe. Getting that sales click is always the main goal. But what happens next? Well, usually a thank you page appears and the customer is free to go. Yep, order success. Now we just let him checkout, and take the rest of his money with him. Sounds like a missed chance?

Change it, and avoid thank you meaning goodbye. Magento offers several extensions to keep the customer on your page even after checkout. Boost your revenue by making advantage of their features or make up your own feature and let us take care of the rest.

  1. Show more than order details

The order success page can be something more than order number or invoice. If a client bought a product from your store, it means you’ve earned his trust. Don’t hesitate to tell him that you really appreciate it. Add other valuable information like when the order will be completed, suggest other products or offer a discount coupon.

  1. Enable a Newsletter subscription option

Stay in touch with your clients by allowing customers to subscribe your newsletter straight from checkout success page. Give your client a chance to choose from specific segments and get notifications about updates they are really interested in. Allow customers, who place their orders as Guests, also subscribe just basing on given email during checkout process.

  1. Share happiness

Attract more potential buyers via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google + by simply allowing your clients to share their experience with friends. Add visible and recognizable social network buttons to your thank you page. Configure the sharing text from the admin panel or let your customers do that for you with their own words.

  1. Use customized CMS blocks

Replace a standard CMS block with a one designed specially for a certain client. Make your thank you page informative. Mention promotions, display coupon codes, sales, new products or anything that can attract the customer. Try to keep it simple and prepare a stylish layout. Fill these blocks with individual and precious content related to the buyers preferences.

  1. Suggest more

The beauty of the order success page is that every buyer opens them. Enhance your customer motivation to stay on your website by adding cross-sell or even up-sell products. Using the second ones together with a special offer is a powerful combination. Show product in which the customer can be interested and prompt them to to buy more. There is no risk of cart abandonment as the order has been already placed.

  1. Make rules to reach everyone personally

This is a great way to make an effective and unique thank you page. Selecting customer groups and applying to different store views is just the beginning. Make your customer feel unique by creating flexible rules to narrow the audience you target. The number of combinations are unlimited so feel free to experiment. You can also define the priority, conditions and time duration of these rules. That way you can match the buyers taste and surprise him with something new every time he buys a product.

  1. Anything else…?

These are standard options offered by available Magento extensions but the possibilities are almost infinite. Mabye you’d like to introduce a time limited offer, or thank your customers in their own language. If you’re searching for something more or you’ve got own ideas on how a thank you page should look like, share them with us and we’ll make them them happen.

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