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Magento Poznań Meetup recap

Magento Poznań Meetup recap

What a pleasure to meet in person with the Magento enthusiasts! We had a great chance to do so on the 19th of January at Snowdog. Thanks to Kuba Zwoliński for his hospitality, Maciej Kalkowski from Centuria for the great Pizzas, and Macopedia for extremely good presentations about Hyvä Themes and for organizing online transmission.  

During the meeting, Kuba Zwoliński expressed the opinion that Hyvä+Mage-OS is considered to be the Magento 3. And there is something true about it. On Mage-OS we discussed during Centuria Live in December – here is a report from this event explaining the relations between Magento and Mage-OS and the future perspectives

Hyva + Mage-OS = Magento 3

But let’s go back to the very beginning. As the whole event was held in Polish, we would like to report on the main issues we discussed. 

Standards and rules of coding in Magento

We first followed Bartosz Górski’s presentation about tools for static code analysis. We got an in-depth comparison of tools and their applications with real-life examples. We were presented with a useful review of the tools supporting PHPStorm and Magento as well as Adobe Commerce.

We got step-by-step characteristics of all existing tools: PHP Coding Standards Fixer, PHP Mess Detector, PHP Copy Paste Detector, PHP Code Sniffer, PHPStan, PHPUnit, JSHInt, and ESLint. With this presentation, you are able to create your personal toolbox for Magento code analysis. 

Friendly Magento Development environments 

The second presentation by Magento backend developer Jan Biesiada presented different options for Magento local instance creation: LAMP/MAMP/WAMP, Vagrant, Docker, DDEV, and WARDEN, with a special focus on the last two DDEV and WARDEN. 


Warden allows for the creation of multiple local development environments and easy switching between them. It enables sharing the environment with several developers and minimizes the risk of configuration errors. 


It is similar to Warden, it also allows for easy configuration. Worth mentioning is the wide documentation and large and helpful Community supporting this solution. It is a better option when adding a new project, as domain configuration is automatically done. 

The DDEV supports not only Magento but also WordPress and Drupal. It generates more files than Warden, but allows for consistency as well as sharing projects with several developers. 

Best Frontend for Magento 

Adam Marcinkowski from Macopedia presented a great review about possible Magento frontends and the best option in his opinion is Hyvä Themes with an in-depth technology overview. 

The first goal here is to meet business requirements for eCommerce platforms. They basically expect the Magento eCommerce platform to be fast, cheap, and green in Lighthouse and on the first site in Google SERP. 

There are so many options here with headless solutions occurring lately in a great number.  Is the headless is always the best option? Especially when there is a client starting on Magento for the first time, migrating from SaaS or another Open Source eCommerce platform. In fact, headless may be too complex for them. Technology stack which is complicated usually is expensive and not so easy to maintain.

Luma and Magento PWA Studio 

Luma and Magento PWA Studio are the default Magento frontends. PWA Studio is also a headless solution. They both engage old-fashioned complex technology stacks and involve high entry thresholds. What is more, they give a low performance, a long time to market, and high costs as a consequence. 

Hyvä as an ecosystem for eCommerce

Hyvä solves all the above concerns. It’s easier to learn as it is less complex. Hyvä is lighter and performed very well in Google UX metrics – Core Web Vitals. With Hyvä Themes the time to market is shorter and the budget to do so is lower. 

Hyvä is the ultimate gateway for those entering the world of Magento. With a low entry threshold and great features, it’s perfect for both developing experts and business newcomers looking to get into this amazing technology!

All the above arguments make Hyvä Themes the best choice for Magento eCommerce. We also look forward to the Hyvä checkout. As Hyvä is going to be a robust ecosystem there is a   feature matrix presenting the works in progress and coming soon. There is also strong support from the Community with well-developed and helpful documentation.

Why Hyvä is so fast – technology review

It was very useful to analyze Hyvä technology in detail. Marcin explained Hyvä’s idea to make it even more clear. The Hyvä technology is lightweight because of reduced JS and external Libraries removed. Tailwind, which is responsible for styles, does not create duplicates and unnecessary code lines. For more details please have a look at the video – it’s really worth it. 

How much do Hyvä Themes cost? 

The license is paid but all updates and 140+ extensions are free. There is also a discount policy involved – Purchasing Power Parity PPP discount.

Hyvä strives to create fair and equal opportunities for everyone no matter where they are located. That’s why their Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) discounts allow customers living in countries with under-valued currencies, compared to the Euro, an opportunity to purchase Hyvä at a price reflective of their local economy!

Hyvä for aware development and business

As Marcin said Hyvä is certainly a solution for aware Developers and Business runners. It brings profits and allows them to gain advantages over the competition. It’s certainly a value to have –  a technology partner capable of comparing and choosing the right technology in an individual situation having in mind a long-time perspective. 

Here is an example of our latest Hyvä implementation – Hyvä Themes Magento frontend design for Bonmario.

Magento Meetup Conclusion

It was the first Magento Poznań Meet up after the pandemic and we are looking forward to the next events coming soon. The idea is to gather topics and speakers from the Magento, Mage-OS, and Hyvä Communities. So feel free to report back.  The way you can do it is on Meetup.com and on the Mage-OS discord  

All valuable knowledge-sharing initiatives are strongly supported by Panda Group! Let’s stay in touch!

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