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Magento Implementation – ‘Store Pickup’ as an additional shipping option in Magento

Magento Implementation – ‘Store Pickup’ as an additional shipping option in Magento

Wondering how to add a store pickup method to your online store? Will it be easy to use and manage? If so then this article is addressed to you 🙂

Many sellers sell products both Online and Offline, but this is not always combined. When it comes time to connect offline and online sales, many people don’t know how to do it. The first stage may be adding the In-Store Pickup option in the online store. Our customer u90soccer.com has four offline store locations, some time ago he decided to add pickup options at the selected location. So we’ve created four new methods corresponding to the given location.

As you can see in the screen above, next to each location there is a link after clicking which a dialogue box with detailed information about the given location appears. All information in the dialogue box can be modified at any time from the administration panel.
After placing the order, the customer receives detailed information by e-mail about the selected method of pickup. However, when the order is ready for collection, it will receive an additional email with this information. How is this handled by the seller? How does it inform the customer about the status of the order? Everything is operated from one dedicated dashboard – ‘Fulfillment Dashboard’

Fulfillment Dashboard

Fulfillment dashboard was created to facilitate order management. From the dashboard, you can process standard shipping orders and orders placed with the In-Store Pickup option. The first ‘Pickups’ tab is used to process In-Store Pickup orders, the second tab is to handle standard orders, while the other tabs are used to manage internal transfers. Next to the ‘Pickups’ tab name is the number of orders ready to be processed.

Placed orders go directly to the dashboard (after verifying payment). In the ‘Pickups’ tab, you will find all the necessary information to complete the order, e.g. order increment id, specific comments related to this order, pickup locations, information about products and of course action column with specific buttons. The staff can also generate various documents necessary for processing orders, such as Packing Slip PDF, Picklist PDF etc. from the dashboard level. The dashboard defines roles with specific permitted actions – orders of a given location can be displayed and realized only by persons logging into the dashboard from a given location.

The first action that is available in the order processing process is carried out by the button ‘Mark as Ready for Pickup’ – the button is active only after completing the products in a given location, which tells us the status of ‘Item (s) located in stock’. if products included in the order are not in the location, the status ‘Awaiting Incoming Transfers’ is displayed (the mechanism for handling internal transfers will be described in a separate article).
When the ‘Mark as Ready for Pickup’ button is clicked, an email is generated and sent to the customer with information that the parcel is ready for pickup in the store selected by the customer.
When the customer appears in a given location to collect the package, the staff by clicking the ‘Mark as Picked Up’ button marks the order as completed. In situations where a button has been clicked by mistake, another ‘Undo’ button is available that allows you to go back to the previous status.

Are you wondering what the handling of shipping orders might look like? Or maybe you would like to know how to manage internal transfers? We invite you to follow the next entries on our blog.


If you are interested in similar implementation in your Magento store – please write us a message at office@pandagroup.co.


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