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Magento & Hyvä for Business and Industry

Magento & Hyvä for Business and Industry

While examining the performance of Business and Industry Magento stores using Hyvä in the UK, we discovered some noteworthy issues that could prove beneficial for your business. 

These insights can greatly enhance your decision-making process and add value to your overall business strategy.

We evaluated 132 Magento stores using Hyvä. Following that, we categorized them into different business sectors to analyze and compare the Performance of both Desktop and Mobile platforms, along with the Core Web Vitals metrics.

If you are from the UK Business and Industry sector, it is very probable your website was included in the study.

If you want to: 

  • Discover how your site stacks up against other Business and Industry sites.
  • Identify performance issues and find solutions to boost your site’s performance.
  • Get in touch with us to analyze your specific needs.

Download the Report.

UK Magento Performance Report Business And Industrial

Magento & Hyvä Performance per Industry 

The performance of the desktop is nearly on par with that of the Hyvä Demo. However, when it comes to mobile performance, it falls significantly behind both desktop and the Hyvä Demo.

This raises a couple of important questions: 

  • Why does mobile performance lag behind desktop?
  • And why is it also lower than the performance of the demo on mobile devices?

Magento & Hyvä Core Web Vitals on Business and Industry stores

Core Web Vitals measured on Magento and Hyvä Themes exhibit subpar performance on mobile devices compared to desktop. This is particularly evident in metrics assessing website content:

  • FCP (First Contentful Paint),  
  • FID (First Input Delay), 
  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint).

 All of them address concerns about content, highlighting its significance in terms of performance and user experience complaints.

Magento & Hyvä Performance and CWV Conclusions for Buiness and Industry online business

To enhance the Performance and Core Web Vitals, it is crucial to improve the visual content, particularly for the Mobile version.

Graphics elements such as pictures, images, illustrations, and banners are key factors that can present challenges on mobile devices, especially in areas with limited internet connectivity. 

Addressing these issues will contribute to an improved User Experience and overall website Performance.

Magento & Hyvä Performance and CWV Boosting

Generally speaking, it is worthwhile to prioritize content optimization for specific devices. Mobile devices do not necessitate high-resolution images, and static banners tend to be more user-friendly and compatible with mobile platforms.

The following Best Practices indicate the areas you may consider to optimize on the site.

  • Use static banners instead of animated ones.
  • Keep a reasonable number of banners in the slider.
  • Use lightweight file formats like webp and SVG. 
  • Tailor image sets for different devices.
  • Avoid loading and storing multiple versions of the same image;
  • Transform images as needed – on demand – with automation.
  • Use lazy loading for images. 
  • Use low resolution Thumbnails.

For a comprehensive understanding of these solutions and their implementation in your specific situation, please refer to the report below. It provides detailed information to guide you through the process.

UK Magento Performance Report Business And Industrial

The reason why it’s worth implementing automation in these areas, apart from Performance and Core Web Vitals boost, are business oriented:

  • Savings in time and money for resource management,
  • Ease of content creation.
  • Optimization of processes.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a personalized consultation on your website.

We’re here to help! Let’s Talk!

The Report on the Magento Performance and Core Web Vitals in 5729 UK stores download here: UK Magento Performance REPORT

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