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Magento go shut down on February 2015!

Magento go shut down on February 2015!

Mark Lavelle, from eBay announce that the Magento Go is shutting down. The option to open new account is closed and the service support will be open since February the first 2015.


Merchants are asked to move their stores untill that time. For now their stores will operate normally and they can expect the same level of customer service and response to technical issues as always. To get extra information about migration retailers can check here.

source http://go.magento.com/

Magento Go was an online cloud based hosted solution targeted for small businesses, with a maximum bandwidth of 5 Gb along with the support for 10000 product SKUs it was fast. All options and features were a limited scope. In compare with Magento Community or Enterprise it was just a little e-commerce kid. For instance no matrix pricing were available, so you couldn’t use different rates for the same products.

Now the Magento Go Merchants can change into Magento Community easily and get Magento Community wider options to evolve. Check what are the Magento Community features you can take advantage from here.

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