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Magento changes in 2022 from the Development Agency perspective 

Magento changes in 2022 from the Development Agency perspective 

As eCommerce continues to grow in popularity as well as in sophistication, tools like Magento are paving the way for professionals in this field to realize their further goals. Here, in this article, we are going to recap some of the most notable updates coming out of Magento in 2022, so you can start planning your new strategy today! 

Mage-OS Association

In July 2022, the Mage-OS Association was founded, with  Krzysztof Ratajczyk, Panda Group CTO as one of the founding members. It is a formal organization of the Magento Community, working on Magento code development and maintenance with Adobe and Magento Association cooperation 

The association focuses mostly on creating the Magento code’s mirror to make Magento less dependent on Adobe’s business decisions. As Big Tech tends to create closed eCommerce platforms, the Mage-OS goal is to stay independent and open source.

It definitely is a step in a good direction, giving the Magento Community a solid foundation and promising background for the future. Panda Group supports these actions and has been an active member of the Magento Community for years now. 

Hyva.io – the game changer

Hyvä introduced a new Magento theme at the beginning of 2021, and at the end of  2022 we can surely admit, with more than 1000 implementations and great recommendations, it is a great success At Panda Group, we also have completed a successful Hyvä themes implementation we are proud of, and can confirm the Hyvä fame is rightfully called a hit. 

In our opinion, Hyvä theme is a great option for SMEs –  it allows for a short time to market and also increases the performance significantly. Please read more on why in our opinion Hyvä makes Magento friendly for eCommerce of all size here.

When it comes to Magento sites, developers are raving about the Hyvä themes when compared with its more standard counterpart – Magento Luma themes. By using  Hyvä innovative style of website design, everyone involved benefits from a truly efficient and rewarding experience!

Apart from Hyvä themes, we also recommend Hyvä checkout based on React –  we will soon let you know about Hyvä checkout which is now a beta version, and is being tested for some time at Panda Group. 

Magento development process automation

In 2022 we implemented in the development process some successful automation. We used Jira automation to control the workflow better and to avoid loads of manual work. It makes us more efficient in the project management process. 

At Panda, we work on pipeline automation, which allows for development process control and evaluation. It became visible in the way we teamwork and in the time savings it generated this year.

Magento User Interface UI design 

This year we also have been using Chromatic on daily basis to help our developers create higher-quality products faster and with less effort by automating their workflow. Chromaric is the perfect tool for gathering UI feedback and for visual testing, as well as for documenting results quickly  – so they can iterate faster!

Magento testing automation

Testing complex projects can be difficult enough without juggling multiple libraries and tools. Cypress simplifies the complex task of writing end-to-end tests, eliminating the need to install multiple tools. It provides a single-package solution, integrating the best of industry practices. 

New technology supporting Magento development 

Hyvä was described as a game changer above, but this year we also had a chance to get experience in other technologies, and thanks to it we were able to bring value and the best quality to all our projects. 

Docker support for Magento development 

We have finally moved all of our projects to warden/den. Whether developing new features or working on a whole new project, we do it on a local instance now, making the process faster and easier.  

Storybook isolated workspace 

With the help of the Storybook, teams can easily create custom UI components and entire pages more quickly. It offers the perfect solution for the efficient development, testing, and documentation of user interfaces. Plus, what’s best of it all – it’s open source and free to use.

React Nextjs

Following current eCommerce trends related to frontend, we not only use Hyvä theme but also custom React implementation for configurators like Smart Blinds Configurator or entire shop frontend.

Main Magento implementations in 2022

Our projects are complex and time-consuming. Our goal is to optimize them and simplify the process in the best possible way profitable for clients. The successes of our clients are our successes, and this year we have to underline several deployments we are particularly proud of:

  1. Google One first in EU Magento integration at tink.de in 2 months instead of 4. 
  2. Custom Magento product configurator at tink.
  3. Custom Magento checkout at tink.de based on React.
  4. Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration and frontend redesign with Hyvä Themes.

Panda Group Magento Agency backstage

Awards and Certificates

This year we became a finalist of the European eCommerce Awards in the category of European e-Commerce Medium Agency of the year! It was a great reward for our team. 

We are also proud of being placed in the 6th position in the Clutch 2022 ranking of Top Magento Designers and Developers among 4479 firms from all over the world. 

Our colleagues were certified by Adobe Certified Experts and Professionals in Adobe commerce and front-end development. 

Black Friday Magento preparations

We also cooperated with Centuria on the Ebook about E-commerce Black Friday and high season preparations sharing our knowledge on how to prepare for increased site traffic. Here we describe the Panda Group Magento testing approach – feel free to check it out for more information.

We based it on our experience as a technology partner for eCommerce of different sizes. We are proud to announce that this year’s Black Friday testing and performance were excellent in all eCommerce we support!

Pandas Team

The Panda Group is getting more and more experienced every year, and we appreciate all challenges,  so the team of Pandas needs to be composed of the best experts from different areas. 

We are very happy to welcome new team members that joined us in different positions including Magento frontend and backend as well as Project and Office management, supporting Sales and Marketing. We hope you will feel good as a part of our team built of wild, but gentle Pandas.

Have a wonderful end of the year and the best coming 2023!

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