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Mage-OS Association and Magento eCommerce platform future

Mage-OS Association and Magento eCommerce platform future

Just before Christmas Panda Group participated in Centuria Live about Mage-OS Community and Association which is an organization aiming to develop Magento Open Source independently but in cooperation with Adobe and Magento Association. 

Magento Community is the largest group of experienced developers supporting open-source eCommerce platforms. They are a creative and innovative group of individuals working on future-oriented eCommerce solutions, sharing their knowledge worldwide. 

The mage-OS initiative started a year ago with an open letter to show Magento Community a new direction. It was signed by over 1500 people in 2 weeks and gained strong support. The next step was to rise up Association.

Mage-OS as an Association gives to the Magento Community a formal background to make sure decisions are made in favor of the Magento eCommerce platform and the Open Source code is protected and developed to be secure and robust. It is also to address the needs of the Magento Community. 

Mage-OS Association

The Mage-OS Association was created in the Summer of 2022 with Panda Group participation. Mage-OS is an open initiative to support Magento Open Source and make it an accessible, stable, and secure eCommerce platform. You are always welcome to become a member to support the community’s actions. We stay in touch on Mage-OS Discord with over 500 participants. 

The Centuria event was held to summarize the first actions are taken and the goals that should be achieved in order for the union to succeed. Mage-OS certainly moved Magento to positive traction. 

Mage-OS Live

Maciej Kalkowski and Vinai Kopp discussed Mage-OS (Magento) issues and answered questions asked by Mage-OS members from several agencies. Panda Group was represented by Krzysztof Ratajczyk and his in-depth questions showed Panda Group’s involvement and strong support for Mage-OS Community and Association. 

Our first question was: One day, one of our Magento Developers said “Hyvä has been the best thing that has happened to Magento 2. ”Why is Mage-OS the best thing that has happened to Magento 2?

And the answer we got: Mage-OS is the best thing for Magento because it’s oriented for the future.

Mage-OS magento eCommerce platform future orientation

Mage-OS technical background

From the technical point of view, Mage-OS has an independent infrastructure – the Magento mirror composer repository. The goal is to create an independent ecosystem compatible with external features, components, and extensions’ suppliers on a regular basis. 

However, there is a consensus that the Magento database core should stay impactful and stable. Another crucial thing is to keep the core compatible with security updates. 

Magento and Mage-OS connections and conflicts resolving

Another challenge to face is merging the Magento issues into the Mage-OS repository. It happens step by step consequently. The work is in progress and the plan is to stay close.

Mage-OS and Magento need to stay compatible and thus, Mage-OS may also contribute to Magento Github. Mage-OS is innovative in its approach so  Adobe may want to change Magento GitHub on this basis and benefit from its true community-driven development.

Magento’s a basic version, API 

  • reduce to several versions
  • API
  • integrations for specific verticals
  • reduce the dependency graph is needed

Mage-OS partnership and membership programs 

Becoming a real Mage-OS partner or member is just around the corner  as the Mage-OS Association is now unified and is constantly making strides toward becoming more formalized entity

Promisingly, we’ve now been able to establish a bank account and other organizational structures to better our decision-making processes. To be part of this radiant mission and help create an impact in the digital healthcare space, Mage-OS welcomes all partners and members aboard!

Mage-OS brand awareness among merchants 

As Adobe has shifted away from the Magento brand, it is essential to build awareness and interest in the Mage-OS brand. Necessary actions, such as initiatives to educate business owners, influencers, and thought leaders in the eCommerce space can be taken to build Mage-OS brand awareness. 

Digital campaigns with targeted messaging that displays Mage-OS’s unique value proposition can be facilitated. Brand promotion via social media platforms using strategic keywords about Mage-OS will make it easier for businesses to discover Mage-OS benefits and solutions. 

Thought leadership content that highlights discussion topics relevant to Mage-OS and keynotes around industry-wide digital events will be implemented. Incorporating these tactics can create a compelling case for Mage-OS in the mindsets of potential customers.

Mage-OS education and training

There is no plan to create Mage-OS certifications, it all depends on the Community needs. If it is necessary, it will be considered – Vinai said. 

The learning pack for developers could be created by the Community like it happens now with Magento. There are a lot of learning resources available coming from the Magento Community.  Mage-OS does not want to compete, but rather support.

There is a recognized issue of how to make it easier for developers to start. Now a week or more is needed to take the first steps. The question is how to create instances for learning purposes, and docker-based development solutions for beginners. It’s really hard to set up a Magento instance which makes the entrance complicated. 

Mage-OS Conclusion

Mage-OS is proving to be an exciting eCommerce solution, with open-source technology and a continuous focus on the community. Not only is Mage-OS secure and future-oriented, but it is also cooperatively engaging with Adobe, and Magento Community and innovative with such initiatives as Hyvä and Magento Mirror. This collaborative effort gives Mage-OS a strong sense of community that will continuously put this platform on the right track to ultimate success.

The event recording is accessible here 👉 Mage-OS Centuria LIVE

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