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Hyvä Meetup #5 recap

Hyvä Meetup #5 recap

Last week we had an opportunity to participate in Hyvä Meetup #5 learning and confirming our experience with Hyvä Themes’ positive influence on Magento 2 development process and website performance.

We write about it in our Ebook on how to optimise Magento 2 e-commerce platform to improve page speed and Google Core Web Vitals metrics measuring UX. We appreciate Hyvä frontend in two aspects:

  • it makes development work less complex, pleasant and shorter though cheaper for customers,
  • it makes the eCommerce site perform at the highest level in both desktop and mobile versions.

We recognise great potential, especially for Small and Medium eCommerce businesses. If you want to read more please have a look at the blog article – Hyvä Themes makes Magento friendly for SME eCommerce.

Hyvä Meetup #5

This time there were some engaging presentations of case studies, works accomplished and those in progress. We could figure out what features work great and which need more attention in the development process.
Hyvä checkout
There is a Hyvä checkout beta version already available. Hyvä Checkout is not just another ordinary e-commerce site. Built upon the success of Hyvä Themes, it offers you a brand-new checkout experience with all the best knowledge to help make your life easier!

Hyvä and Magewire’s new checkout has been built to match the success and values of Hyvä. Its work with OneStepCheckout on this project brought 10+ years’ worth of experience into our products!

Alex Galdin presented B2B shop and solutions implemented with Hyva Themes such as cart and checkout features. One of the exciting issues was a PDF offer generator enabling simple offer creation out of products from the cart and from the checkout level.

Hyvä low learning curve

For those afraid of learning new things probably it was revealed that it is possible to start working with Hyvä Themes with no prior experience in Magento. Irina Smidt presented her own experience of how effective the entrance into the new technology was for her and her client.

She started working on a project in the spring of 2021 and after a year and so she has already great experience and successful implementation. She explained not only her own impressions on development work but also website performance improvements.

The results she presented were really impressive. Though the mobile version still needs some improvements, the results so far are already more than satisfying. Below you have desktop page speed results.

Hyvä automatization and productivity

As was said above Hyvä Themes’ simplicity allows you to settle a very effective development process to make it cheaper and more accessible. This issue was presented by Marc Bernabeu who presented the Magento frontend development process with Hyvä Themes in the first place.

All stages start from designing reusable components, creating the style guide, and modifying and testing several templates for the same project. From the development phase to maintenance was much easier to manage and coordinate between different development teams using Figma API.


All developers presenting their work agreed that they appreciate Hyvä Themes over Luma default Magento Themes. And they persuade their clients to switch to Hyvä Themes to make significant progress in performance. Future-oriented technologies make eCommerce businesses more effective and stable.

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