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Hyvä Meetup 4 recap

Hyvä Meetup 4 recap

At the beginning of July, the Hyva Meetup 4 took place with two main issues:

  1. Hyvä Roadmap
  2. and Hyvä Magewire Checkout

Which were discussed by Vinai Kopp Technical Director at Hyvä Themes, Willem Poortman Senior Solution Engineer at Hyvä Themes, and Willem Wigman Founder and Creator of Hyvä Themes with Sonja Franz Board Director at Magento Association moderation.

At Panda Group, we follow Hyvä’s development progress and work on Hyvä Themes to get to know them in practice. We will soon be ready to show the results. So far we can confirm that Hyvä is about making users and developers happy.
Panda Group Magento development agency experience

Hyvä is a game-changing technology that will revolutionize how eCommerce platforms are developed. Developers no longer need to spend hours on complex development procedures; instead, they can focus their efforts where it matters most–providing users with an intuitive experience and satisfying web browsing needs without breaking the budget!

1. Hyvä Roadmap

How it is possible to make it real? Magento stands for a complex platform and Hyvä changes this image thanks to 3 basic values which are as follows:

  • simplicity,
  • reliability,
  • stability.

As Vinai Kopp explains simplicity is a basic rule as developers should work as effectively as possible and simplicity is a key attribute of this goal.

One file should be enough to build the feature.

Innovative software needs to be reliable too. The goal is not to make users update the product too often and find the balance between innovation and stability. If you change your code often, it cannot provide the services for which it’s designed – making this type of system less effective in providing needed functionality or business outcomes.
Focusing on innovation over reliability means developing a product with longer lifespans where changes can occur infrequently without affecting performance

Invent once, and do not change often.

Another matter is stability, as changes are coming extremely fast Hyvä recognises and creates an environment that is stable. This year’s software is going to be outdated next year. In this approach, as long as they recognise the Alpine 2.8 version as performative and reliable, they will not switch to 3.0 just because it’s been released more recently.

Less friction and frustration also for the paying customer.

2. Hyvä Magewire Checkout

After Hyvä Themes has been successfully implemented in Magento development the Hyvä Team started to work on the checkout process. Checkout is one of the most critical stages in any online transaction. Not only does it affect E-commerce sellers but developers and keepers alike are focused on ensuring that their customers have an easy time checking out, especially since this can lead directly to more sales!

At Panda Group we find this new Hyvä check out a great and promising solution for better user and customer experience. Hyvä together with Magewire has worked on the project for several months already.

Checkout to the backend

The proposition here is to move the checkout process to the backend and remove it from the frontend which allows eliminating Java Script support and makes it quicker. It is familiar to PHP developers and though Magento programmers to keep them comfortable in their well-known environment.

There is an interesting issue of cooperation with OneStepCheckut and using their several years of experience with Magento 1 and Magento 2. Cooperation was chosen instead of competing in checkout solution delivery. They will marketise this solution together in partnership.

The checkout will be compatible with Hyvä first but also with Luma in the coming future. The Hyvä checkout creators focus on creating an environment highly integrated with external solutions to make widely open access to the worked-out solutions make them as popular as possible.

The pricing model will resemble One Step Checkout and will be announced soon.

The Hyvä checkout technology stack presented below was discussed in detail by Willem Poortman. You can follow the video starting from 58 min.

Feel free to watch the video to get more developing information. At Panda Group we hope this process will succeed really soon so everybody could get profit from it, not only developers but also their customers. We all will be able to build e-commerce faster and more effectively optimising costs and lowering the time spent on programming.

And here is another, more detailed recap by Sonja Fraz – Recap of Hyvä Meetup #4: Hyvä Roadmap and Magewire Checkout

The next Hyvä meet-up will take place on the 20th of October. It’s certainly worth following.

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