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How to make the best user experience (websites UX)?

How to make the best user experience (websites UX)?

How can you improve your websites UX? If you are wondering just answer yourself few questions:

What is the purpose of the site? Why people should visit your site? What makes you special? Why the user should buy my products? What is the first thing a user should do on your site and what he has to do before leaving it? What should he pay attention to? Got that, ok so let’s improve your user experience and check if your site does what it should to fulfill its purpose.


What is the usability? In a simple word it is an ease in use of website and its efficiency. It contains many factors such as fast page loading (research shows 2 s is enough loading time for an average user), comprehensive information and products’ presentation in appropriate places. To be in the right place at a right time you should consider getting your content adjusted to various browsers and devices (like smart-phones or tablets) and finally in the end the site should satisfy a user with its functionality.

The website utility influences on users experience. UX decides about a purchase, customers’ contentment and count of returns to the website. User experience is a sum of person’s behaviors, attitudes and emotions which refer to a particular service, product or in this case website. The investigations in user experience show that it should take maximally 3 steps to find the right information. How it looks like in your website? Have you ever checked if your user can find all information in three steps without trouble?



Have you ever analyzed your site this way? You don’t really necessary have to use expensive tools and equipment, for basic needs you can check how your eyes track you website on the printed version of it you can draw your eye track with the pencil. By checking it also with F-pattern you can point out the hottest places of your site, in this places your user attention is at its peak.

Eye track studies shows website heat map in F-pattern shape. Is means that during reading the site users concentrate on the horizontal reading, starting from the upper left corner. Horizontal movements move down the page but the second line covers shortly area than the first. Generally heat maps are showing that users go forward to vertical movements and scan the left side of the website. How fast users do vertical movement it depends on the site content. Below you can see some examples of heat maps which can help you in planning your website content.



If we know that ‘time is money’ we should easily know that customers want to get fast the information they need. How to achieve it? If you have answered the questions from the beginning of this article you should already know which information the users should find in 3 steps. This process should be as smooth as it is possible. If 3 clicks are enough to find information for example about shipping, contact data or product features you’re on the good way to success. To make it easy for your clients you can also implement live chat or frequently asked questions area to answer every single question.



Clients sometimes are looking for a particular product. Did you customize your service to help a user find what he needs? The main question is: how to do it? First of all you need customized layered navigation. This tool makes it easier to find not only a product he is interested in, but also what color he would like, what size will fit you perfectly. This utility will lead your client to the product, which he is exactly looking for. The customization of this tool includes not only using text but also pictures showing the color, material, and brand.

Moreover most sites have a search engine in the top of the site and many stores use a search by tool on the product category pages. This tool should also be equipped with drop down suggestions to help with the prices of searching the right product or service. It provides the accuracy of searching and let your user easily see what product, service is now available. Also with these suggestions you can also use the image to show a product and additionally encourage to purchase.




If you know why user should buy your product you know what qualities you would like to show to them. If you sell products on your site, the most important is a product presentation. Clients can’t touch a fabric and see every detail. To improve the effect you can put multiple photos of a product to show various sides. Also you can use a 360 degree spin images on your site and in this way show every angle of your product. You can take advantage of the etiquettes with the content description. Sometimes clients care about fabrics and materials which were used to create the products, so if that is the case you can use detailed view. Sometimes the information about the products need is crucial. Research shows that user prefers to purchase products with detailed information, so they surely will appreciate your effort. If you sell electronics or technology you can also use compare products or your own utility test, so they know the products works. Additionally products often are presented in use. It can explain how to employ the product or in what kind of a life situation they take advantage from this particular product. For instance, if I can see this summer dress on a model shotted on the beach, I can more easily imagine myself in that dress and that is how product presentation can affect user experience and conversion at the same time.

Which one would you choose?



The part of checkout is supposed to be just a formality. For many people the most difficult is to make a decision. But when the decision is done and the customer is ready to spend his money, we should take care about his good experience and make it easier to finish the purchase and let him know your checkout is secure. First off all you can use the solution where your client add a product to the carts and stays on the product page instead of going directly to the checkout, but also leave the checkout easily to be seen if he would like to go there. This function encourages the customer to continue the purchase. Wrongly created shopping cart is often a cause of abandoned shopping lists. The sites’ owners like to complicate the thing they do not use guest account and many users feel persuaded to log which leaves a very bad user experience. To sum up, three or five step check out is a nightmare for a customer. Nothing is clear and a client needs to click back if the data is incorrect. Easier is better, so we suggest the one-step checkout. It is easy to fill all data in one place and quickly accomplish a great deal. Also the user sees all information he needs to finish his purchase at one page.




Sometimes a customer needs a help. In the Internet clients cannot ask a shop assistant about the thing which preoccupies them, but also in a real store if there is nobody competent that we can turn to with a question we leave. That is why the crucial think is to leave a contact details in an easy to find place. Clients often are looking for contact data, and they should find them in less than one minute. The great idea is to create the live chat to answer any question in a few minutes. This way you can perfectly find out how to help your user/client at the time he/she is taking the decision buy or not to buy. To provide more information about the products, many on-line stores run the blogs. It is good place for customers who are looking for push or more information. Also you can take advantage from the most frequently asked questions, that you have met over the years with client experience and put them into the FAQ section.

There are many ways to supply the clients with information but unarguably the most attractive is the newsletter. To make it more outstanding you can use pop-up windows which are seen after entering your website. This tool lets inform your user whenever you like. You can provide the newest information through an individual channel.

Many users are nervous with the shipping process, at a real store they buy and take what the paid for right away, it is impossible with the e-commerce based business. What is worst, sometimes the process of preparation of the product with some individual approach takes long. We can recommend a tool to calm your user down while they are waiting for their order.

“The solution is to add a form or application where your user can check their orders statuses easily and get to know about the process automatically right away. No more angry phone calls and e-mail with the question “When will I get my order”


The user is the key to your success, try to use this information you have read to make your site more user friendly, make your approach the user approach. Just ask yourself, what will fulfill my user need? What is the next step? Do it.

After finishing this article I feel a very user friendly approach as a representative of experts in this area. I wish to offer you a simple check-out of what you could improve with your site to make it more efficient and user friendly. In a simple check we will test two things:

  • Are your clients finding all they should at your store?
  • Is your product presentation attuned to your clients’ needs?

If you interested in a service just contact us on sales@light4website.com and ask for a User Experience check-out. As with the mind goes the muscles, we could also provide our experienced developers to make the changes on your site right away. Check this in our Services section.


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