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How to be better than your ecommerce competitors?

How to be better than your ecommerce competitors?

As an online salesman you probably wondering what’s doing your competition to be better than you. You’re asking yourself a question: How do they sell more than me, having more purchases and making more money?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who ruminates about the secret of better sale. But you may be one of the few to know, how to become better than your competitors. How? We will reveal 10 ways to introduce or improve in your online shop, that should help you becoming competitive more than ever.


How? First of all, invest in SEO. Let your customers find your products or services just typing some keywords in google search. Don’t make them look for your shop in third search page. Actually, they won’t bother searching. Second of all, be active on social media accounts. Why? You will be easier to find and more reachable. Third of all, write your blog. This is an easy way to be seen as a professionalist in your industry and also a great potential for SEO.


Check what your competitors offer and try do beat it. Secure your customers with free delivery ( above some amount) and free returns. Don’t forget about some discounts, coupons and codes. Customers love sales and buy more when the discount is given, even if it’s only 5%.


It is important to have an encrypted connection and secured payment. Customers feel more safe to make a purchase from the shops, which have their data protected. They are also more likely to buy when they may be able to get compensation and refund. Still, 50% of customers abandon their online purchase because they don’t trust the website and have security concerns.


It is important to make your website intuitive and provide the best user experience. For example, place your shopping cart in a prominent place, make a one page checkout, make your shopping experience the easiest and most understandable as you can. Don’t forget about a site search and few important filters. Let your customers find everything on your shop site without asking.


Your website has to be fast. Fast on desktop and mobile. We already wrote two articles about speed optimization: how to manage it and why it’s so important. Check them about on our blog.

Support your customers

Your customers will have many questions you must answer. And the answer has to be right away! Even you’ve probably give an answer somewhere on your website. What’s popular? , Besides a traditional email and contact form, which still should be available and easy to find, there is a LIVE CHAT. A live chat gives a customer an easy and almost at any given time, way to communicate with a shop. Using a live chat you can answer a question, dispel doubts and persuade to buy. This is what rules in 2015 and will take over the ecommerce world in the near future.


It is no secret that the positive reviews increase sales and make your shop trustworthy. Try to collect feedback from your happy customers and boast it of on your website in a prominent place. You may collect good reviews right from your customers or cooperate with an affiliate company, which will do it for you and confirm it with its own brand.


Next-day delivery and in-store pickup are ruling in 2015. You can read about those two customers’ requirement in our preview blog article. ( an article The Kings of 2015). What is sure, if you want to play a main role around your competitors, you must consider next-day delivery and in-store pickup in you shop development.


Remember about newsletter and don’t count that customers will subscribe without a reason. They also won’t make an effort to find it on your website. First of all, offer your customer some profits: give them free product, discount, ebook, promo code or coupon. Inform them about new collection, changes in your company or new blog posts. Ensure them they will be first to know about something or get something, that they’re special and unique to you. You will not only get a loyal users, dedicated blog readers, but also precious data, you can use in future email campaign, converting users to customers. Try it out, it’s worth it!


I hope we don’t have to convince you that you need mobile-friendly website. It is must have for many reasons. Read our article Why mobile-friendly update is a must have?
Almost 80% mobile users search for the products on their smartphone but only a few can actually make a purchase via mobile, because of a lack of the optimization. Do not let yourself loose those potential customers!

In conclusion, all above guidances, implemented to your online shop, will move you toward your main goal,which is becoming better than your ecommerce competitors. And you know what? You don’t have to ruminate about the secret of better sale! You already know it!

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