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How quickly get an access to PhpStorm debugging features in JavaScript?


Additional knowledge is never too much! Our new Front End Developer Przemek, having an internship in our company, decided to share his knowledge about debugging JavaScript in the browser and by using PHPStorm (We will be happy to share it with you too. Check how, down below).

The main goal  of the training was to teach our development Team, how to debug script to be able to quickly fix bugs in the code.  Przemek  discussed debugger features of Chrome and Firefox Firebug. He also presented an interface for debugging web applications in PHPStorm.

The training was a quick and easy prompt  for the rest of the Team, which may be used in further development and improve the work. Thank you Przemek!

Przemek (yellow T-shirt) running his training

The Team practising some tasks

As we have learned how to do it, now we’ll show you:

  1. Open PHPStorm Project. For the purposes of this course we used TodoMVC – angularjs example (https://github.com/tastejs/todomvc).
  2. For Chrome you have to to install JetBrains IDE integration extension from store.
  3. Place your breakpoints in Javascript Files.
  4. In PHPStorm openRun → Debug index.html
  5. You app should now suspend when it hits a breakpoint.
  6. Now you have access to PHPStorm debugging features in Javascript. Happy debugging!
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