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Food and Drinks Magento Stores in the UK Performance

Food and Drinks Magento Stores in the UK Performance

When evaluating the performance of Food & Drinks Magento stores with Hyvä in the UK, we discovered intriguing issues that could benefit your business. These insights can significantly elevate your decision-making capabilities and enhance your overall business strategy.

We analysed 132 Magento stores utilising Hyvä, categorising them by business sectors to delve into and compare their performance on Desktop and Mobile platforms, along with the Core Web Vitals metrics. If you are in the UK Food & Drinks industry, it’s likely your website was included in our research.

If you want to:

– Evaluate how your website stacks up against other Food & Drinks sites.

– Identify performance challenges and apply solutions to boost your site’s efficiency.

– Obtain a customised analysis tailored to your needs.

You can access the Report and reach out to us for a personalised discussion about your specific requirements.

Magento & Hyvä Performance Across Industries:

Desktop performance closely mirrors the Hyvä Demo, yet mobile performance lags behind, trailing both desktop and demo standards. This raises critical queries:

– What causes slower mobile performance compared to desktop?

– Why does it even fall short of the demo on mobile devices?

Magento & Hyvä Core Web Vitals for Food & Drink Stores

When assessing Core Web Vitals on Magento and Hyvä Themes across mobile and desktop platforms, it becomes evident that there is room for enhancement. Metrics such as First Contentful Paint (FCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) illuminate content-related challenges, underscoring the significance of content in driving performance and enhancing user experience.

Improving Performance and Core Web Vitals for Magento Food & Drink Stores with Magento & Hyvä

Elevating the Performance and Core Web Vitals requires enhancing visual content, particularly for the Mobile version. Graphics, imagery, illustrations, and banners are pivotal components that could present challenges on mobile devices, especially in areas with unreliable internet connection. Addressing these issues will elevate the User Experience and the overall Performance of the website.

Enhancing Magento & Hyvä Performance with a Focus on CWV

When it comes to optimising content for different devices, simplicity wins. For mobiles, opt for uncomplicated banners and avoid high-res images. Here are some top practices to help you fine-tune your website:

– Limit the number of banners onsite.

– Choose lightweight file formats like webp and SVG.

– Tailor image sets for diverse devices.

– Avoid loading and storing multiple image variations.

– Automate image adjustments when needed.

– Introduce lazy loading for images.

– Use low-resolution thumbnails and static banners over animated ones.

More details in the following REPORT – Download!

For a comprehensive understanding of how these strategies can benefit you, refer to the detailed report below. It provides insights to guide you through the process.

Why should you embrace automation in these aspects? Aside from enhancing Performance and Core Web Vitals, it’s about saving time and money, simplifying content creation, and streamlining your operations.

Feel free to reach out for a personalised chat about your website. Let’s talk!

We’re here to assist you!

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